Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Surgery for the Bean

Tomorrow our baby girl is having surgery on her arm. We thought we lucked out and that Sawyer's broken elbow did not need "resetting" but after getting new x-rays taken today, it looks as though Sawyer needs some pins put in to hold her bones in place. When the doctor told me this it took everything in my power not to cry. Sawyer is clueless and does not realize what's she's up for tomorrow, and I think that's a good thing. She got a cast put on today, and obviously, she will be getting a new one tomorrow.

My poor, tough little baby. I love her. I hate trampolines.

After getting her soft cast off...I couldn't help but to kiss that little arm of hers.

This situation is so stinky. I hate it. Having my kid "put under" is freaking me out...I wish I could heal her arm with my kisses...isn't that how it's supposed to work anyways? Mommy (and Daddy) kisses are supposed to heal everything. Right?

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