Saturday, October 1, 2011

Something that Resembles a Social Life

Sometimes I feel like we don't have a social life, it might be, because it is really hard for us to.  We love our friends and we have so much fun when we get to do things, but our schedules make this hard.  Marc works weird hours, he is up around 1AM every morning, Some of our friends are just going to bed then...clearly he is far more tired than most of us in the evenings, and going out at night can just be a big challenge.  Because Marc's hours are off and he goes to bed early, our kids usually get put to bed pretty early too.  During the weekends I usually have photo shoots.  Most photo shoots just take a couple of hours, but the time it takes to get there, and to get back, and just getting mentally prepared usually eats up the afternoon.  And then we have family.  Lucky for us we are muy popular with the parental units (and we love it) but friends always get put on the back burner when family is visiting (which is a lot).  So, anyways, this is to our friends; we do love you, we are grateful for you, and we miss of these days we will get around to catching up with you :)

When I was going through some pictures on my computer I found these from earlier last is the girls and some of their little playmates.  We usually hang out with "Sawyer's friends" but Harper got to hang out with her friend Samantha one day.  Harper and Samantha are about a month apart in age, I love Harper's hand on Sam's leg.

I just like how this picture showcases Sawyer's right arm "before the accident".  I am already anxious to get that cast off!

I love how kids can be so territorial of their toys, it cracks me up (my kids are really bad at sharing...we need to work on it!)

One of our last beach days for awhile (until the cast comes off). Sawyer was uncharacteristically cranky this day.  Bummer.

Miss Miley is currently living in Miami...we can't wait to play again when she comes back to Orange County :)

So my social life is basically hanging out with the cool moms that have fun kids for my kids to play with too.  It is funny how your kids so strongly determine who your friends are going to be.  
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