Monday, October 3, 2011

Surgery Day

Last Wednesday, September 28th, our little girl had to be "put under" to have pins put into her elbow in order to help the bone heal straight. It may seem silly (or maybe not), but I was terrified. The thought of my child being put to sleep made me feel ill and the amount of anxiety I was experiencing was worse than my irrational fear of driving next to a wall or semi-truck on the freeway in the rain, at night. It was hideous.

Sawyer and I got up nice and early to go get checked in at Mission Hospital. Marc was at work and he planned on meeting us at the hospital before the surgery began.

During prep Sawyer started to get squirmy and bored and the nurses were trying to help me find fun things for Sawyer to do. Sawyer was angry about having to wear the ugly tiger covered hospital gown and she refuses to wear the blue hospital socks (even though we were both freezing). Sawyer insisted on ripping her heart monitor gadget off and she would not just sit down and relax. When it was time for Sawyer to take her first relaxant the nurse told her it was Princess Juice and Sawyer drank it down because, in her mind, she is indeed a princess. This princess Juice was supposed to relax her and the nurse(s) expected Sawyer to essentially fall over, but instead, Sawyer fought the drugs and just got even more silly. In her "drunken" state Sawyer laughed and giggled and told me that she eats poop and then laughed some more. At this point it was solidified in my mind that Sawyer is a surely a Dimick and absolutely my child - who doesn't think potty humor is the funniest (my mom definitely does NOT...I must have gotten the potty humor gene from my dad).

When the anesthesiologist came to take Sawyer back to the operating room Sawyer announced that she didn't want to go with him. Lucky for us the drugs finally kicked in and started to do their job and I was able to hand Sawyer over to the doctor (literally) and she just lay there in his arms completely unphased.

Waiting during the procedure wasn't as bad as I anticipated. I truly wasn't concerned about the actual surgery, it was the anesthesia that really had me stressed. First the orthopedist came in and said everything went great and about 6-10 minutes later the anesthesiologist came in and told me Sawyer did wonderfully and she was in recovery.

These flowers arrived while I was in the waiting room.

Why no one warned me how traumatic watching her in recovery was going to be is beyond me. Now I know some people have seen far worse, but seeing your child kicking, screaming, and flopping about and being totally disoriented is alarming. Seeing two nurses try to hold her down so she doesn't hurt herself is terrible, and being the helpless mom standing there unable to do anything is the worst. Unfortunately Marc wasn't able to get to the hospital until a little while after surgery ended, so I felt really alone and scared. The nurses were assuring me Sawyer's reaction was typical, but when she finally calmed down (it was nice that I was the only one who could calm her down when I pressed my cheek to all of the confusion she still knew I was her mom) and fell asleep she stopped breathing. It was seriously for a second but it felt like centuries and the panic in the nurses voices stabbed into me like knives and I couldn't help but to sob and sob, and suddenly feel a desperate need to hold Sawyer. They got me a chair and helped me to get Sawyer into my lap. She was essentially going in and out of consciousness and I just wanted her to wake up, start breathing normal, and be her regular old self. Marc walked in right at this time and he looked pretty scared when he saw the mascara smeared all over my face. He was probably scared at my appearance, but I am sure most of his fear revolved around his baby girl.

This was after Marc got there and she was doing much better.

We love our baby girl.

Sawyer started to get back to her normal self and was giving us a stink face.  

After awhile Sawyer was ready to be moved into a room. They were saying we would need to spend the night and since Sawyer's breathing (or lack of breathing) episode they would be monitoring her closely.

CHOC at Mission is really nice. The nurse that first came into our room and introduced us to our new surroundings was really sweet and friendly. Sawyer requested a Popsicle and one was quickly brought to her.  We watched movies, hung out, and then we all got bored. Sawyer was feeling no pain (whoo hoo!), we were all tired, Sawyer kept ripping off her monitors which meant that nurses kept checking on us because she was setting off alarms, and we were all hungry and bored.

Marc actually passed out cold on the plastic couch.  We were a tired bunch.

The playroom at CHOC had some Mr. Potato Head toys so we all amused ourselves with them...especially Marc and Sawyer.

Sawyer was treated to more Popsicles, juice and French fries (her requests) and then I finally requested that we get to go home.  Lucky for us Sawyer was not having any issues so they granted us our wish to leave and by 5:00 in the evening we were headed home.

When we got home we were SO lucky to have my mom watching Harper and Mazie, my brother-in-law making us dinner and my sister was headed to our house from her work. What would we do without family? It was an emotional and tiring day and it was so nice to be greeted by some of our favorite people when we got home.

Over the next several days Sawyer was spoiled with presents, treats and cards being left at the front door. Marc and I appreciated all the phone calls, texts and emails and we are all just grateful we got through surgery day without any major kinks.

A couple of temporary pins in the arm is pretty small deal in the grand scheme of things, but it still reminded us of how precious life really is and how every moment is a gift...a gift we surely don't want to take for granted.

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