Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day Three

It's day three into November and it feels like we are approaching summer, not winter (although I hear it is supposed to cool down a lot...and rain!). It's hot & dry and the air conditioning has been running on and off. I am not complaining. I love having the option of going outside to play - our girls seem to be happiest outside so that's where us parents are also happiest. I have been feeling sentimental (verge of tears) that this year is coming close to the end, it's been a good year for our family, the girls are so much fun, I wouldn't mind reliving it again. I want to rewind back to the days at the beach, basking in the sunshine while the girls happily play. I want to rewind back on our family vacations where Marc got to be well rested and had lots of time to play with us. I want to rewind back to the girls' 1st and 3rd birthdays...they are growing so fast. I have a candle tucked away in my kitchen cabinet that was burning during Harper's birthday party, I smell it from time to time and it totally takes me back...isn't it weird how scents can do that to you? For Marc's 28th birthday I bought him the cologne he wore when he was 18 and we first met, just smelling it makes me smile.  I want to rewind back to all the goofy grins, loves and hugs from the year...I could never get sick of those.  Good thing those loves keep coming even in the winter months, because gray rainy weather puts me in a bad mood.

The last couple days it has just been me and the girls at home. Sometimes I think I might go crazy if I hear another kid cry, or witness yet another fight over some crummy little toy, but then Harper smiles her sweet little smile or Sawyer tells me she loves me and it makes the world perfect again. I wish everything in life was as simple as that. Or maybe it really is that simple and we make it out to be more complicated.

We have spent our time these last few days playing in the 10 fallen leaves on our front lawn, eating cupcakes, painting our hands and making turkey handprints for Thanksgiving, enjoying our neighbors, learning the ABCs, making each other giggle, riding bikes, loving each other, coloring, being cozy and watching movies, and just living life.

The kids love sitting on this little silver coffee table.  I could nibble on her chubby little cheeks all day...

Harper's shoes had yet to be worn outside...don't judge.

Harper has a serious love for shoes.  She is particular about which ones she wears from day to day and sometimes she likes to wear shoes that don't match.  Here she was suggesting that Sawyer change into her sneakers.

Showing off her chompers.  Someday she will have all of them...

I can't think of too many places (or any place really) that I would rather live than here, but sometimes, when fall comes rolling around, I really wish we got to experience the fall colors and the falling leaves here!  We are missing out!

Washing their car...with wet wipes...If I squint I can picture them doing this together when they are 16, and then I feel like crying.

Gearing up to paint! My old t-shirt (actually, I think I stole that from Uncle Bryce at some point) was super huge on Harps so we had to do the 80's tie-side so she wouldn't trip over the bottom.  Those are dirty shoes my friends, I wasn't in the mood for a fight.

Harper's first painting project.  She was over it and hungry after about 5 minutes :)

Sawyer said "Thank you mommy for letting Harper paint with me!" - so sweet.

Time for turkey handprints!

Do you love it?  I do!

Harper did not like having her hand painted she kept pointing at the paper towels for me to wipe her hand off.  I made her deal with it though until I could stamp her hand onto the paper...which was also a challenge.  Her turkey came out a little wonky, and I considered doing a re-do, and then I decided that what I loved about it was that it was a little goofy...just as the experience was. (I cut the matting...can you tell?  It got a little messed up but when it is on the shelf, and you aren't looking too close, you can't tell!) There was a struggle making this turkey :)

Now proudly displayed on our shelf in honor of Thanksgiving coming up...

Doing kids crafts is hard work.  We relaxed and had cupcakes.  

We finished the day playing outside with friends and waiting for Dad to get home from work.  

Sawyer thinks Malia is the coolest.

Would you guess these boys were twins?!

Notice that bruise on her forehead?  She fell flat on her face the night before Halloween.  The sound was horrible.  It looked hideous.  Thankfully the swelling went down by the morning and now all we have is this pretty mark that will hopefully disappear soon too.  It scares me, Sawyer is such a klutz! She gets her cast off today (fingers crossed they don't want to put another one on her for another week!) and hopefully we can avoid trips to the emergency room for the rest of forever!!

At almost 3 1/2 I think it is about time Sawyer's knows her ABCs. We work on them just about never and I am not one to worry about it since I figure she will learn all that stuff in kindergarten or whenever it is she needs to know it.  She was cracking me up with the alphabet.  And don't mind me...I totally told her the "Z" was an "N" wonder the poor girl gets confused!

I caught it on my iPhone as well so that I could send it to the family.  So hard not to giggle.

I honestly thank God every day for my family, I am pretty sure I couldn't exist without them by my side.  Even when they are driving me mad there is still no one I could ever love more. I am lucky.
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