Saturday, November 12, 2011

Last Weekend

Last weekend I had a day off of "work" because it was raining and the weather wasn't cooperating.  It ended up working out nicely for me and I got to spend some quality time with the family.  We visited my sister and her family and let the girls play, we had a little Cafe Rio, and then we came home to play outside...I think playing outside is our favorite thing.  We live in such a fun neighborhood for kids, there are kids everywhere. I swear, you turn around for a second and the number of kids has is awesome, especially since that means our girls have lots of friends that are conveniently located for them to play with.

We were going to go for a little family walk and drink hot chocolate.  Sawyer looks like a giant in a stroller...I think she is pretty much too old for it.  I was laughing at the fact that Sawyer was in a snow puffer jacket and then Rainbows and holding a coffee mug.  Harps had a colder version of the hot chocolate in her sippy cup, and she sure thought it was good.

When we are outside Harper's shoes and her baby stroller(s) keep her occupied.  Sawyer is big on riding in her car with her friends.  It is hilarious...the neighborhood kids chase down the Escalade and everyone begs for their is good for a laugh.

Love this action shot.  Look at Sawyer's expression as Emmett falls.  Don't worry, he was ok.

Hi cute hubs!

And then the fun was over after someone crashed into a tree and Marc took the battery out of the car as all of the kids piled on top of it.

Until next time...
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