Saturday, December 10, 2011

San Francisco Treat

Back in October Marc and I took a little trip up to San Francisco to celebrate his 28th birthday.  We left the kids with Marc's parents and we hit the road.  We had planned on driving because we wanted to take the coastal scenic route on our way home, however, on our way home we were just anxious to see the kids so we took the freeway and missed all the gorgeous views.  Oh well, next time.

We had a really fun, really quick, visit.  We aren't the type of people that like to leave our kids and go on vacation (how do people do it?!) but we were happy to get a night away.

Marc and I realized we aren't really city folks (we both actually discovered this a long time ago), but we enjoyed taking it all in.  We were lucky and scored some really beautiful weather, bright blue clear skies, perfection.

The highlights of our trip (in my opinion) were seeing the sunrise over Fresno (who knew Fresno was so pretty?), enjoying a car ride without kids yelling at us from the backseat, hanging out with my main squeeze, walking all over the city until we had blisters on our feet and sweat on our backs (not glamorous, or attractive, but good for memory sake), seeing the bay on a clear day, and getting to come home to our two favorite little faces.  Sawyer and Harper...nothing could possibly be any better than them.

Thank you Grandma & Grandpa for watching our girls for us! 

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