Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Swinging, K1 Racing, USC Game, Huntington Beach & an Early Birthday Dinner

My blog is all over the place, but things have been busy!  

So after Thanksgiving my family was in town for a few more days so we made the most of it.  Marc got to do some "boy" things and he seemed like a really happy camper because of it.

We played at the park at my sister's place...apparently Sawyer knows how to swing by herself.  Who knew?  I didn't.

Marc relaxed and had a cheesy grin on his face while doing so.

To celebrate Bryce's 16th birthday we went go-cart racing.  Everyone was supposed to go race except for Tutu, who was going to keep her eyes on the little girls.  Sawyer had other ideas and she threw a raging tantrum when I was about to go race and she kicked, and screamed, practically threw up, and didn't want me to leave her.  I didn't get to race unfortunately, but it looked like everyone else had loads of fun :)  Bryt raced once, and the boys raced twice.  Marc "won" both times, he was feeling really good about it.  Have I ever mentioned that he is competitive? 


Uncle Bryce


On Saturday we went to the USC v. UCLA game.  We were cheering for USC, obvi, and it was a good thing because UCLA reallllly sucked. Tailgating was great, I haven't done that since Sawyer was 6 months old.  Thanks again to the Willhites, we were all well fed.  The game was a late one, way after Harper's bedtime. We made it through the first quarter, a couple of touch downs, and then we had to head home.  I am pretty certain Sawyer would have loved to stay longer, but Harper was not really a fan of the fans...the cheering made her mad.  

The day before the game we were at the Spectrum and Sawyer randomly picked out a pair of red sparkly Toms.  We don't own a lot of red so it was kind of random, but they are really cute and she was a hit at the game with them!  She even had strangers taking pictures of her.  

On Sunday when the boys went golfing, my mom and I headed to Huntington Beach.  We had lunch and did a little shopping.  I hadn't been there in a really long time, it was fun afternoon.

Sunday night was our last night with the Ballards (*tear).  Bryt, being the great big sister that she is, hosted a "birthday dinner" and made filet mignon (per Bryce's request) and had an ice cream cake.  It was sort of a "Ballard kids' birthday dinner" since all 3 of our birthdays are within a month of each other.  My kids of course had fun playing with Mazie and Mazie's toys.  Why are other people's toys always so much more fun?

We were said to see the Ballard Crew go home, but my Dad was back in town just a few days later to have dinner with me on my birthday!

And I don't remember when this picture was from but it was on my memory card and I wanted to share.  Harper learns bad tricks from her sister, like scaling the pantry looking for snacks.  Great.

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