Thursday, January 5, 2012

Right Start

God knows that it was our plan to start the year off on the right foot so he has been flooding our skies with sunshine and perfect weather.  It has been so awesome.  I feel like every year we get a heat wave in January, and I love it.  

Since New Year's day was on Sunday, Marc also Monday off of work.  3 day weekends are the best.  We spent time at home, we bagged stuff up for Goodwill (why does that always feel so good?), cleaned, put away all of our Christmas stuff (I was ready for that), played at the splash pad, did some juicing, and we were all happy just to be together.  

2012 is great so far.  I pray for happiness and good health all year long.  I feel like I keep hearing devastating stories about other people and their families, it makes you appreciate what you really appreciate what you have because you never know what the next day will bring (and that kind of scares me).  I am obsessed with my family, they are the greatest.

Harper's New Year's resolution was to only use her Bink in bed, and Charlotte is only for bedtime & nap time too.  So far it is going well.  She gets it.  The first two days were tough (she cried/screamed for like a half hour after we got her out of her bed)but she seems fine with it now.

The splash pad was FREEZING.  Marc and I didn't have dare to get wet...but the girls had so much fun!

They would periodically go in the shower to warm up :)

Harper loves being cozy in her towel.

Marc and I are really excited for the summer - our girls just keep getting more fun!

Love my baby!

We can't get over how old this one is getting!  

I love it when they play together.  

We juiced coconut and pineapple...there was something else in there too but I already can't remember.  It was so good.  It tasted better than our spinach concoctions, but I think they spinach ones are supposed to be the best ones for you.

Looking up at her dad.  Our girls have the best dad.  So lucky.

Loving this year already!
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