Sunday, February 12, 2012

Big Hugs & Sunshine

It seems that both of our girls are growing at lightning speed these days. Harper is talking so much and everyday she is learning new words. I am amazed by how quickly her vocabulary is growing (although probably hard for most "outsiders" to understand) and how many words she will repeat if I ask her to say them. Every night before bed I have quiet time with Harper and we sit in her rocking chair and read a book. Harper's book of choice is "Little Miss Sunshine" - it seems so fitting for her and it makes me so happy. Tonight before I gave her one last snuggle before putting her down in her crib she said "sunshine" - I am pretty sure I giggled in delight. Harper is both sweet and feisty and her golden skin and bright blonde hair remind me of a burst of sunshine...that very same sunshine that makes me oh so happy. I could soak Harper up all day long, and I do. I love her so much.

Sawyer is growing and getting so big. There are moments she seems so grown up and mature I practically have to pinch myself and make sure it's not just a dream. I find that Sawyer reacts to most situations the same way that I do and I can usually relate to how she's acting, even when she's being a pill (unfortunately). Sawyer is constantly showing us new dance moves, saying the funniest things and being our little boss. Sawyer is my lover girl and giving me hugs and kisses all day long. I always tell Sawyer to stop growing, the inevitable makes me a little weepy and I would prefer my babies to always stay babies. Tonight Sawyer said to me "Sorry Mom but I am growin'! I want to grow bigger so that I can give you even bigger hugs!" - seriously, how can I argue with that?! I love this girl to pieces.

I feel so lucky that I have such a great family. I came from a great one (you did good Mom & Dad) and I am so happy and content with the family that Marc and I are creating. Sometimes parenting is hard, and tiring, and a little bit sucky, but it's also the most wonderful, rewarding, satisfying, amazing thing I could ever imagine doing. Hands down, having a family of my own is the best thing in my life - I wouldn't trade it for anything.

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