Monday, February 6, 2012

Life's a Beach

The weather we have been having is insane - it has been glorious for weeks.  Maybe I am crazy, but this feels like one of the nicest winters we have ever had.  We are expected to get a little rain this week and then 75 again on Thursday, we are so spoiled.  

Two weekends ago we spent all of our time at the beach and outside.  We had a family picnic at T-Street, played in the sand at San O, watched the sunset at Salt Creek and had some yummy Board & Brew for dinner and then spent Sunday at home getting some stuff done around the house and playing outside.  We have it pretty good.

This thing was there when we got there...I thought it was so cool.

Little babe was getting sleepy.


It was such a pretty night.  

The Wags watched the sunset with us.

Sunday was our at home day.  The girls started the morning with peanut butter sandwiches outside.

I really dislike their constant need for snacks.  Especially since they are always asking for stuff then pretty much never actually eat it.

I love spying on her when she naps.  

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