Saturday, March 31, 2012

She's Got the Moves

Everyday is basically a dance party over here.  We are constantly turning on music and bopping around.  Sawyer & Harper's dance moves are really evolving - they have got some killer moves.

And my girls and one of their newest favorite moves...

on the threads

Marc and Sawyer like to do sporty things together like play soccer and throw the football.  While we were at the splash pad one day Marc and Sawyer worked on Sawyer's football skills.  Sometimes Sawyer can throw pretty decent; she knows to put her fingers on the threads but Marc gets frustrated that she steps with the wrong foot (I also step with the wrong foot so it doesn't bother me). 

She was mad at me about something...

Marc was trying to show Sawyer which foot she is supposed to step with when she throws the ball.

You better have good aim because Sawyer doesn't really move to catch the ball.

The faces she makes when she throws the ball crack me up...

I get so excited when the flowers that remind me of summer start popping up everywhere.

Their Friend Lauren

During March the girls got to spend a lot of time with their friend Lauren.  Pizza dates, beach days, visits to the park, lunch out, Build-a-Bear and cupcakes.  They all get along well so as parents it is easy just to hang out and let them do their thing.

We went to BJs and the big hit was the fountain as we were leaving.  Lunch was good too, but you should have seen the mess the kids made with food and trash under the table.  Katina and I crawled under the table afterwards to try and clean it up a little, it was pretty embarrassing.

We went to the dinosaur park in Laguna Hills.  It was a cool park but the crowd was somewhat questionable.  There was a little boy about Harper's age and I swear he wanted to beat her up...he was about 2 feet tall and I was even scared of him.  Don't think we will be going back there anytime soon.

One Sunday we went to lunch (the dads were invited this time) and then cruised over to Fashion Island afterwards and took the girls to Build-a-Bear.  Sawyer is the master of picking out the ugliest critter possible (but she really does love them after she makes them) and Harper doesn't really care at all but we feel too bad not to buy her a stuffed animal too.  After this Build-a-Bear experience I don't think we will be taking Harper there in awhile, not that she wasn't great, but I don't think she has as much as looked at her teddy bear since we left the store (how is that for a waste of $20). 

After the bear we went and got some cupcakes and sat in the grassy area at Fashion Island for like 2 hours while we talked and the kids played.  It was unexpectedly fun sitting in the grass and the girls were so great.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Oh Baby Baby

Being pregnant and having an almost four year old around is pretty awesome. Sawyer says the funniest things and the best part about it, is that she says them completely seriously. Today from the backseat "Mom, I changed my mind. I want a boy baby instead of a girl baby because I think it will be cute. I think we should name it Donkey but we can call it Comet".

We still don't know what we are having but today we had another ultrasound (12 weeks, 4 days) and our baby totally looks like a baby now and it was really exciting seeing it's little body bounce around on the screen. The ultrasound tech asked us if it was our first child and I think she about fell out of her seat when I said "No actually it's our third". I think we might be a little ahead of the baby curve but not by much...I think it's shocking to people because I look younger (or so I am told) than I actually am.

One of our best friends came and watched our girls so that Marc could come with me to the ultrasound (he missed the first one since he was on dad duty). Sawyer told Katina "I want a baby sister boy". Let's be honest, Sawyer might be a little confused, but I love it. I was kind of thinking we were having a boy but now I am thinking it's a girl. Only time will tell and I genuinely don't care either way.

Harper is still kind of clueless and thats ok. Harper and her cuteness makes me laugh just about every single day - she's going to be a fun big sister.

Here is #3...this little wiggle worm liked keeping it's hand in it's face. I can't believe how fast this pregnancy is already flying by.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Our Babies

Our babies are best friends. I have always said they were besties but I think for awhile it was wishful thinking - now I know it's true. Our kids are so much fun. They are so loved and so happy and that's basically all I really need to feel fulfilled - happy kids. Harper seems more toddler and less baby every single day and I am amazed at how much and how fast she is learning these days. I think the older the girls get the closer in age they seem. Sawyer and Harper have such a sweet friendship, I hope it lasts forever and ever.

Do you know what else is so great about these babies of ours? They are some of my best friends too, right along with their dad. I really don't know how we ever lived without them - and everyday they are more and more fun, truly. I think we did something right because we sure have it good.

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Numero Tres

We are so excited to be adding another to the baby to the bunch come October!  We don't know what we are having yet but we are anxious to find out.  Everyone seems to think that we are dying to have a boy, but that really isn't the case.  I, for one, think it would be so fun to have a herd of girls, but I also think it would be fun to have a boy.  Based on the ultrasound picture Sawyer seems to think we are having a boy.  After looking at the ultrasound Sawyer said "So this is the little boy we are getting?  He looks really difficult!" Kids say the best stuff. I was also looking at one of Sawyer's old 3D ultrasounds and she asked me if she was going to have to be in my stomach again, and of course I told her no.  And then she said "I don't want to be born again because that would just be really disgusting".  She doesn't even know how babies are born, but she is right, birthing a 4 year old would be hideously disgusting. Agreed.  Harper doesn't really get what is going on at this point but she has been extra clingy and cuddly, I think she is feeling a little territorial.  Marc and I think our kids are he best things ever (albeit exhausting) and we can't wait until we get to add a third one to the bunch. 

Here is our first ultrasound.  It looks just like a little Gummi Bear.

We are happy :)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Splashin' with Toots and Moo

Before my mom had to head back to DC we got in a fun afternoon at the splash pad.  My mom was watching Mazie for the day so the two of them came over and we suited up for some water fun.   I mentioned going to the splash pad and all 3 little kids ran to find bathing suits - it was hilarious because upon hearing "splash" both Mazie and Harper ran into Harper's room and picked out swimsuits.  It is amazing how much those little people can understand.

I say this a lot but I love the splash pad.  It is rarely crowded, it is so easy with the kids, and it is less stressful than the pool because the kids don't have to be able to swim.  

It was a nice afternoon with my mom and the kiddos, wish we had more days like this.

My favorite thing about our double-stroller is that Harper likes her friends to ride along with her (Sawyer only rides if we are going on a long walk/run). 

I love it when I can see the excitement written all over my kids' faces.

The water is stealing Harper's toy.

Mazie can tolerate colder water temperatures than my kids, apparently.  She got far more soaked than my kids ever have and was happy about it.

Apple sauce and Nilla Wafers were a hit.  The "fort" was also rather popular.

These two really know how to chow down.  It was rather impressive watching them shovel cookies into their mouths.

She was legitimately having the best time.

Drinking the water is never a good idea.

When we got back to my house I set out some beach chairs so that my mom and I could sit down while the girls played.  The girls thought the chairs were for them.  

I had some french fries left over from my lunch.  Mazie was all about the cold soggy fries.  I like it when she offers the fry to Harper, Harper accepts, and then Mazie decides she'd rather have it for herself :)

Harper was so happy sharing her chair with Mazie - she was so unhappy when Sawyer also decided to share the chair.

Harper needed some Tutu lovin' to help her mood recover (I die over Harper's chubby little legs).

Bryt, this one is for you.  It reminds me of us and you always choking on your water or something ;) Haha love it. 

I told the girls to put their arms around each other for a picture.  This is what I got.

After a fun and full day it was time to say goodbye to my mom.  We miss her when she is gone but we are SO excited we get to spend Mother's Day with her this year :)  Love you Mom, come back even sooner if you can ;)

And if the pictures weren't enough are some videos of the little girls in action.  How can you not love them?!

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