Tuesday, March 6, 2012

All I Ever Wanted

It seems as though whenever I am in bed and the rest of my family is asleep I can't help but think of how fortunate I am. Sure there are things I would like to have and things I would like to change in my house, but when it comes to the things that matter, I really do have all that I ever wanted. When the house is quiet and it's just me and my thoughts everything becomes so clear. I have it good.

Today was sort of a weird day. It was great, mostly, but by evening we were all going a little stir crazy. It was cold and gray today and that made me lazy! We convinced the girls that it was "late" so by 6:00 everyone was in bed, including myself. Now it's almost 7:30 and I am trying to talk myself into getting up and getting the grocery shopping done.

I suppose I should peel myself out of this cozy bed of mine and head to the store. Why does 7:30 feel like midnight in our house? We are such a sleepy crew.

I like our sleepy, homebody ways...I wouldn't want it any other way.

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