Thursday, March 22, 2012

Girls Only Trip to Seattle

Earlier this month, my mom flew out to California to see her grandgirls, and then me, my sister and mom took off for a weekend trip to Seattle.  Marc and I have spent nights away from the kids and we even went to San Francisco for a night, but this was my first time being away for TWO whole nights, without any chance to stop in and see how my kids are doing. I didn't really have a hard time being away, but I think I liked knowing that they were at home with their dad doing all of the things they normally do.

Before leaving on our little adventure my mom stayed at our house for a night.  We lunched out and played at the house.  Sawyer loves having someone to color and do projects with her.  One thing my mom loves is a good crafty project.

Before we left for the airport I wanted a picture with my family on my camera, that way when I missed them I could look back and see a really recent photo.  Cheesy?  Probably.  I felt a little tear saying goodbye to them.  Harper came out of the garage wanting to wear her boots...she hasn't quite mastered putting them on by herself yet.

I was so excited to be on an airplane without kids.  In (almost) 4 years, this was my first flight without toting a child through the airport and entertaining them on the plane.  This may have possibly been one of my favorite parts of the trip.  I bought crappy candy that I wouldn't normally buy because I wouldn't want my kids to eat it, I read magazines, and I relaxed.  

I made some poor guy take a picture of us before we boarded the plane.  I wasn't happy with the lighting but I couldn't be too picky, strangers don't have much patience for that.

Seattle was straight up COLD.  I don't do cold very well, but I survived.  We walked around the city, ate at nice restaurants (and ate nice and slow and talked - another luxury when kids aren't around), checked out Pike's Place and did some shopping.  We also took a nap in the middle of the afternoon, so amazing.

The whole reason our Seattle trip came about was because one of our cousins (we only have 4 cousins!) was getting married and we thought it would be a good opportunity to visit with my mom's side of the family.  The wedding was in an old warehouse type building and it was really cool.  It was fun being there and I am glad that we got to go.  

Bryt and I and our cousins Emily & Tess.

The day after the wedding we took the ferry over to Bainbridge.  We went in some cute little shops and walked around.  The best part was the actually ferry ride, there was a man playing the harp on the boat and it was so relaxing. 

Bryt and I may not be the most mature people, and we thought it was funny that the boat was named "Wenatchee".  Is it just us or does it sound like a dirty word?  I am still giggling about it.

After heading back into the city it was time to grab a quick bite and head for the airpot.

It was such a fun trip and I loved getting to spend so much time with my mom and sister.  Trips like this don't come about very often since everyone is busy with kids and schedules, so it was so great that this worked out.  

And thanks to Marc for taking great care of our kids.  Sawyer is still talking about how much fun she had, and I loved that Marc sent me picture constantly to show me what they were up to.

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