Tuesday, March 6, 2012

President's Day Weekend

This year over President's Day weekend, we went to Idaho to play in the snow.  We try and make the trip up there every year and it is a really fun tradition.  We were worried we wouldn't have any snow to play in since the winter has been so mild, but we got lucky and had the perfect amount and got to sled the days away.  On our way to Idaho we stopped in St. George for a couple of nights to break up the drive a little bit.  Yes, we are crazy, and we drove.  Long drive, but almost easier than having to fly into Salt Lake and then getting into a rental and driving another few hours up to the cabin.  

Marc and I were so tired after our drive (we were on the road at like 3:00 in the morning) so we were pretty boring while we stayed in Utah.  We napped and lounged around.  Fun house guests I am sure.  The girls played outside a little, it was warmer than we expected.  Harper pushed around a stroller double her size and Sawyer worked on her cliff jumping.

We arrived in St. Charles after it was already dark so it was hard to get a good idea of what the snow conditions looked like.  The kids were so excited to check things out in the morning.

Pretty much my favorite part of every trip is getting to spend extra time with Marc.  With his busy work schedule and both of us being exhausted by the evening, sometimes I feel like we don't get enough time together.  

Dressing our girls up in puffy snow clothes is so amusing - especially since Harper is still just a little shorty, she looks like a Puff-a-lump in her snow gear.

The kids (did I mention that Marc's oldest sister and her family were there too?  And Marc's parents, of course) failed at making a snowman, but they were successful and making snow angels, eating snow, sledding, and having fun.  Harper wasn't too sure of the snow and mostly wanted to spend her time inside, specifically in her high chair, but Sawyer had the best time ever.  

The sledding hill behind the house.  It kind of surprises me that I willingly let my 3 year old go down that hill without me holding onto her...

Sawyer and a couple of her cousins ready for a ride.

So happy.

We got kind of crazy and started doing big group rides.  I am so bummed we didn't get it on video when like 8 of us all piled on top of each other and linked arms to connect a few sleds and we went down the hill at the same time.  It hardly even makes sense when I try to describe it...it would be so much better with a picture or video.

The Dimicks recently redid the old barn on their property and added a stove to heat it and couches so that we could hang out out there and drink hot chocolate after playing outside. This was Harper's 2nd most favorite place to be after her high chair in the main house.  They also just built an out-house...good thinking for the men in the family.  I personally don't plan on using it, but I think it is cool.

 This was after flew off the sled and face-planted.  She was very unhappy about it (for good reason if you ask me) so she took a little break from her dare-devil ways.

Our "no bink until bedtime" policy was challenged during this trip...and it looks like the bink one.

Grandma & Grandpa had Lincoln Logs to play with...I forgot how much fun those are.

And of course Harper in her favorite seat in the house...

Matisse doing some homework and Sawyer doing some coloring...

Before we knew it is was time to head back home.  We drove back to Utah, spent the night, and then continued on to San Clemente.  It is always a little sad when a vacation is over, but I am always happy that we had the opportunity and the chance to make the memories.

We got home in the afternoon and it was nice indulging in warm weather (I love the snow...for like 3 days...and then I need sunshine and warmth).  That evening we watched "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" (remember that movie?!) and Sawyer played with her blocks and we all fell asleep on the couch.  Oh how I love nights like that.

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