Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dot Art & Fun Dip

When my sister and Gabe were moving into their new house, I helped watch Mazie for a few hours so that they could get some work done. Marc used his muscles and helped them move furniture, so I had the 3 girlies at home by myself.  We had a good afternoon.  We got McDonald's drive-thru (and ate in the car while watching sounded like way too much effort to get everyone out and go inside to eat), we did Dot Art (the little girls were even kind enough to Dot Art our back patio when I went inside for ONE SECOND to get a bottle of water), and they devoured packets of Fun Dip.  I am pretty sure Mazie actually tried to eat the packet, she just couldn't get enough :)  It may not have been our most nutritional day, but we had fun.  

(It totally looks like Sawyer has pigeon poop on her nose, but do not fear, she had just applied sunscreen to protect her scraped up  nose)

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