Friday, April 20, 2012

EB & Sprinkles

We went to visit the Easter Bunny this year...twice.  Somehow we didn't manage to get any pictures with him though.  The first time we went to see EB he was on a "carrot break" and there was like a two hour wait.  Since it was getting close to Harper's nap time we decided to skip it and come back later.  The second time we went to see EB I couldn't convince my girls to get anywhere near him.  Harper was absolutely terrified, clinging to me for dear life, and Sawyer cooly told me "I don't want to see the Easter Bunny anymore".  If Marc had been with me I think it would have been fun to force the kids to have their photos taken (tears and all) but my pregnant self just didn't have the energy.  The day wasn't a total waste though...we got to eat lunch with some of our friends and Sawyer got to hang out with her bestie.  We also hit up Sprinkles, why are those cupcakes so good?!

Harper only liked checking out the Easter Bunny from afar, and she wasn't even sure she liked doing that.

Two peas in a pod.

Harper's Theory: When in doubt lift your shirt (we are hoping this phases out as she gets older).

Who does this homeless child belong to?

Yay for fun play dates! We are so lucky to have so many fun friends.
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