Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Proud Mama

I am never really aware of what other kids other than my own are doing (not because I don't think your kids are awesome, I am just preoccupied with my own) so I have no clue if Sawyer is behind or ahead of the curve on this one. Sawyer is a great colorer and she loves to paint. She has loads of patience for crafty things and she usually produces pretty good work. Up until this point Sawyer has never actually drawn anything though besides a circle and some scribbles. Last weekend Marc challenged Sawyer to draw a person and we were both surprised & excited when this was what she came up with. We laugh that she put an emphasis on the eyebrows...Sawyer kind of has Brooke Shields eyebrows, except I happen to think Sawyer is cuter (don't tell Brooke I said that).

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