Monday, April 9, 2012

Some March Happenings

March came and went pretty fast.  I didn't expect it to be so busy, but luckily the busy was mostly fun stuff.  Battling first trimester pregnancy fatigue made it pretty much impossible to keep up with my blog and the loads of pictures that have piled up on my compact flashes.  I found out that I have hypothyroidism which makes you extra tired, but now that I am being treated for it things seem to be better and I have a lot more energy. It is kind of a bummer to have to take drugs every single day, but at least it is treatable (and I am hopeful that it will go away after this pregnancy...fingers crossed).  

During the month of March we saw a private screening of the Lorax in 3D and the girls did great.  We had a sleepover with cousin Mazie, we played in the sprinkler, had lunch dates out, visited some friends that were camping down by the beach, Sawyer fell and scraped up her nose and we did a lot of the typical playing at home stuff.

The girls got bags of goodies after the movie, including a copy of the book.  

We woke up early since the movie was showing in the AM in Los Angeles.  The girls were pretty tuckered out afterwards - it was a quiet ride home.

One day we went up to cousin Mazie's park by her old apartment complex.  Poor Mazie wasn't feeling too good.

One night Mazie's parents had a date planned for the two of them up in LA so we took Mazie all day and over night so that Bryt & Gabe could get some stuff done in their house as well as get a little break and a night out.  

It was a rainy weekend which was a little challenging with 3 wiggly kids but we watched movies, painted, played with Hot Wheels (yes we bought a Hot Wheels contraption for 3 little girls to play with and it was surprisingly popular), ate, and did all the things little people like to do and we had fun.

Mazie has a creative spirit and I wasn't fully aware of this.  She  had paint all over her arms and hands and when she was finished with her work of art she set the paper (wet paint side down) on the top of her head, so all of the girls had an impromptu bath.  

It was fun having a little visitor for the night, and I know Sawyer & Harper always love having Mazie around to play with.

One evening we went down to Doheny to visit our friends that were camping down by the beach.  Our intention was to make s'mores but we got busy talking and playing that we never got around to it.  

Unfortunately, right as we were saying goodbye to everyone, Sawyer tripped and fell right on her nose and scraped it up pretty bad.  It was pretty gnarly looking for a few days...poor girl.  One morning Sawyer looked in the mirror, grabbed her nose and said "Oh no! It is spreading!".  Haha...she wasn't too excited about looking like rudolph.

Since we have been trying to avoid scarring, we have been putting sunscreen on Sawyer's nose as well as Zinka, Mederma and Acquaphor (not all at the same time).  It is now alsmot all healed and it looks pretty good, but we took lots of precautions. 

I think March was a pretty good month.  Here are a few more randoms caught on my iPhone...

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