Monday, April 2, 2012

Uneventful Bump

My baby bump is well, not very bumpy at this point, but I sure feel pregnant and I promise all my clothes (especially jeans) are starting to get tight. With every passing day it seems more and more real...we still have a long way to go (27 weeks to be exact) but we are getting more and more excited. 3 is my most favorite number of all time, I think I will really like having 3 kids.

Next time I need to take a picture after dinner...because that is when I look the fattest ;)

13 weeks...and Sawyer is in the background helping me fold laundry (sometimes she can be so handy). Laundry is my biggest weakness, I am terribly inefficient when it comes to cleaning our clothes and getting them put away - good thing I have volunteers like Sawyer to help.

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