Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Birthday Girl | Harper Ray | And Sister Love

Today our Baby Girl turned TWO.

Part of me smiles, part of me wants to cry, but all of me is grateful.  It surely goes fast, but it is packed with so much good and joy that I try to always just be happy with the time that we have.


Not only do Marc and I love her so very much, but she has the best big sister who loves her sooooo much and so many family members and friends who love her too.

Today I snapped some pictures of the girls on the front porch.  One of them in particular reminded me of the days before Harper could even sit up without being in her Bumbo and Sawyer was smothering her in love.  One things Harper has not been short on in her two years of life is love - this kid has lots and lots of love, and without a doubt she has a best friend in her big sister.

I am pretty sure my heart is going to burst. 

Even my insides are smiling.  The last two years have been perfection with our little "Harpoo" by our sides.

Harper & Sawyer on Harper's 2nd Birthday.  

and that picture reminded me of this picture...

And then I quickly clicked through iPhoto and the abundance of sisterly love photographs was overwhelming and heart warming.

The day was great and simple and it was just us girls hanging out today and then we celebrated when Marc got home from work this evening.

Our sweet girl is close to perfection, and we are so happy she is ours.

I can hardly believe that two years have already passed us by...

More to come from Harper's special day :)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend in the Desert

This year Mother's Day was extra special because I got to spend the whole weekend with my mom.  I haven't been with my mom on Mother's Day in awhile, so it really was a treat.  To make the weekend even better my whole family was together in Palm Springs and we spent time hanging out by the pool and just being together.

We drove out to the desert Friday afternoon after Marc finished up at work.  The girls were SO excited.  Apparently Sawyer really likes staying in hotels...she asked me several times over and over just to confirm that we really were going to a hotel.  

The wind mills were a huge hit.  Harper was squealing in delight from the back seat as we drove by them and kept pointing and telling us to look.  Simple pleasures.

Sawyer was made for vacation.  This girl was thrilled about everything.

Our hotel room had a little patio with a table - the kids couldn't wait to get out there and have a snack.

By the time we got to our resort and got settled we were all getting a little tired, but we wanted to make the most of the evening so we sat outside and let the girls run wild.  The water fountains were a major source of entertainment.

We had some food and snacks in our hotel room so when our kids woke up in the morning they would have something to eat while we got ready for the day.  When we are at home nothing else can happen until everyone has food in their bellies, so we had to come up with a plan.  The Nilla Wafers were a success ;)

We went out to breakfast Saturday morning and then spent the rest of the day poolside.  We were smothered in sunscreen and drank lots of water and took breaks in the shade, and the day was perfect.  

I still think of my baby brother, as well, a baby, but he is totally not.  Right before he came to California he got his driver's license and while laying by the pool he studied for his AP exam.  Where did the time go?!  Bryce, stop getting so OLD!

One of my favorite things in life is that these two babies are so close in age.  I love that my kid gets to be so close to my sister's kid...not only in age but in friendship.  Does it get better?

Love these two folks!  Glad my parents made me...life is pretty great.

It was 104 out and these 3 goobers wanted to go in the spa.  Sawyer claimed she was "cold".  What the?

Poolside smoothies and snacks are a childhood dream.  They are an adult dream too...I enjoyed a smoothie or two myself.

I will share a lounge chair with this girl any day.

Harper can be pretty nonchalant, but she definitely let Tutu, Bubba & Uncle Bryce know that she was happy that they were there.

Our little family took a time out for lunch and headed to Togos for sandwiches.  After we got some air conditioning, and the kids got little naps in the car, we were ready for round #2 of the pool.

We stayed at the pool until it was time to get shower and get ready to go out to dinner.  Bryt & Gabe actually had a wedding to go to, so my parents were in charge of Mazie for the evening.  The girls were all so tired but they did great at our BBQ dinner.  Mazie ate an entire kid's pizza all by herself.  We were all amazed.  Sawyer can barely finish a slice.

After we parked it took forever to get to the restaurant...not because we parked so far away, but because these three walk so slow and lose focus so easily.  I cannot even tell you how many people asked us if Mazie & Harper were twins, and how many just stopped to comment and tell us how cute the kids were.  Not that I don't love the nice comments from people, it was just the slowest walk from a car to a restaurant in history, and yet, it was totally amusing.

I love warm evenings in the desert.  I can't think of anything much better.

Tired faced Sawyer.  She really was being good though.  

For Mother's Day we had planned on going out to a nice brunch and then heading back to Orange County.  Instead we decided to relax, eat donuts and drink chocolate milk by one of the fountains at the hotel and then spend some time in the pool before hitting the road.  

Tutu really was showered with so much love. 

During the drive home we got stuck in traffic, but it was a fun ride regardless (minus my few moments of severe car anxiety).  Harper is still talking about how Bubba & Tutu sat in the back seat with her (we had Sawyer in the 3rd row) and listening to her recall her memory is so sweet.  She loves her family so much.  We all do.   

We swam in the pool and ate pizza at my sister's before heading home, completing a great Mother's Day with my momma.

I am glad I am a mom and I am glad this chick is my mom.  We love you Toots!

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