Friday, May 11, 2012

Almost 19 is speeding by

So far this pregnancy has been going FAST and I feel like I have not done a very good job at documenting it.  In fact, I haven't done a great job of documenting anything recently, I will hopefully fix that problem soon.

In a nutshell - I am happy, I am pregnant, I crave spicy food and milk, I get sleepy but I think that more has to do with me chasing around my two toddlers instead of my incubating status, Sawyer keeps asking me how big my tummy is going to get and she thinks it would be funny if babies grew in boobs instead of in bellies (I sort of agree...wouldn't that be hilarious?), I have a cute cute husband that I am so grateful for and I feel like this baby is going to be the perfect addition to our family.  Wait, I know this baby is going to be perfect for our family, I am so excited I can barely stand it.

We still don't have confirmation from the doctor yet that it is a boy but we are feeling pretty confident based on what we saw in the last ultrasound.  I sure hope this kid is male because I have already started shopping (although if it ended up being a girl that would be fine too). 

Decker Dimick is finally giving me a truly bumpy belly and I am trying to embrace it knowing that my larger tummy and growing behind won't stick around forever (hopefully).

Decker Dimick doesn't have a decided on middle name yet but we like to call him Baby Dex.

And yes, that is Harper (and Charlotte) in the background getting into things that they aren't supposed to.  

I love my family.  A lot.  Even the naughty family members :)
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