Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Birthday Girl | Harper Ray | And Sister Love

Today our Baby Girl turned TWO.

Part of me smiles, part of me wants to cry, but all of me is grateful.  It surely goes fast, but it is packed with so much good and joy that I try to always just be happy with the time that we have.


Not only do Marc and I love her so very much, but she has the best big sister who loves her sooooo much and so many family members and friends who love her too.

Today I snapped some pictures of the girls on the front porch.  One of them in particular reminded me of the days before Harper could even sit up without being in her Bumbo and Sawyer was smothering her in love.  One things Harper has not been short on in her two years of life is love - this kid has lots and lots of love, and without a doubt she has a best friend in her big sister.

I am pretty sure my heart is going to burst. 

Even my insides are smiling.  The last two years have been perfection with our little "Harpoo" by our sides.

Harper & Sawyer on Harper's 2nd Birthday.  

and that picture reminded me of this picture...

And then I quickly clicked through iPhoto and the abundance of sisterly love photographs was overwhelming and heart warming.

The day was great and simple and it was just us girls hanging out today and then we celebrated when Marc got home from work this evening.

Our sweet girl is close to perfection, and we are so happy she is ours.

I can hardly believe that two years have already passed us by...

More to come from Harper's special day :)
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