Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Infamous Ocean Swim

Back in early April me and the girls met up with our friends Ani & Kate down at T-Street.  The day was great, the kids had fun, and then they decided to play in the water and run away from the waves.  Unfortunately, when Sawyer was running in the water she tripped and fell and struggled to get back up so I let go of Harper's hand to help Sawyer and then Harper took her infamous swim in the ocean.  It wasn't horrific, but I am sure it was scary for an almost two year old, and it was kind of scary for her mom too. Harper has yet to recover from her little spill - I am pretty sure she is terrified of the ocean and the pool now.  Rad.  I hope she can overcome it soon...summer is too fun for that!  So glad the girls were ok; the ocean can eat you up pretty fast!

Sawyer "decorated" Harper for the beach.

The girls had so much fun jumping into the "pool" that someone else had left behind.

My sweet babe after her little "swim".  Necklaces and clippy still in tact :)

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