Sunday, May 13, 2012

Opportunity of a Lifetime

I have lots to feel grateful for - but mostly, everything I really love revolves around my family. I somehow scored the job of my dreams and get to be a mom. There are occasional sucky moments, but there a lot of dreamy moments too. I have real cool parents that I love and enjoy being around, I have fun siblings (and my sister & her family live close which is the best), I have good in-laws, and I get to call my favorite boy my husband. Thanks husband for making me a mom, life wouldn't be the same without my amazing little people by my side. Temper tantrums & all, they send me over the moon. I cannot get enough of my kids...they make my life complete. Today I asked Sawyer to stop growing up and she looked at me and said "but I need to grow up so I can reach stuff on the top shelf" - if it were up to me, she would always be little and I would always be there to reach the things that were too high. I must have looked sad because then Sawyer said "I would stop growing up but I just don't know how!" This whole growing up thing is a good reminder to take it all in while I can. It goes fast, but I am happy I even get the opportunity to be a mother - it's the opportunity of a lifetime.

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