Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Easter in St. George

This year we drove out to St. George, Utah to spend Easter with Marc's side of the family.  Like a lot of our trips, it was a quick one, but it was a fun one.  The girls had fun running around with their cousins (although both of our kids were a little tired/out of sorts for a lot of our visit), celebrating Grandma's birthday, searching for Easter eggs, decorating eggs, decorating cookies, looking for rocks, swimming, and just being around family.  I myself always appreciate a weekend away from home when we aren't thinking about all the regular life stuff and we are just spending time together.  Easter seems like it was 100 years ago at this point, but here are some of the photos that documented the holiday weekend for us.

We left at dark 'o'clock like we usually do for road trips, so we were making our way through Vegas as the sun was just rising.  Sawyer slept a great deal of the way, Harper on the other hand barely slept a wink (but at least she was quiet).

No matter what I can pretty much never sleep in the car...I was exhausted...Harper wasn't big on napping.

Finding rocks was the first order of business - the girls love this.

This kids had fun in the pool even though the adults thought it was chilly.  Notice Marc's flannel shirt...

With 12 kids dying eggs it gets kind of crazy - I try to stay out of the mess ;)  Harper squeezed and broke the first egg she picked up.  She figured out her gentle touch and decorated an egg with stickers.  After dying eggs and decorating cookies the kids went back in the pool.  Sawyer didn't do a lot of swimming because she had a minor scrape on her leg and she said that the water made it sting too bad (what a baby ;)).

One of the most exciting/funniest parts of Easter with the Dimicks is the Easter egg hunt.  The level of competition is intense with the adults, and apparently that has transpired down to the children as well...it is comical.

On Easter Sunday we had to drive back to California but we got dressed up, did Easter baskets and went to the St. George temple and took some pictures. 

My favorite people...even the grumpy babies in our arms.

The drive home wasn't as bad as we had suspected it would be and  the girls slept a bit.  We had some time in the afternoon/evening to relax before getting back to the routine on Monday.

Another year, another Easter, glad I get to spend these days with my sweet kids.  

And here are some random clips from our weekend...

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