Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Harper Ray Turns 2!

Ever since Harper turned two she seems so much older.  She woke up the morning of her birthday just looking older.  I happen to like the two year old stage, so I don't dread the "terrible twos" like some.  I think the 18 month mark is harder and more tiring, age two is when things really start to get fun.

It is so crazy to think that this little baby that we took home from the hospital two years ago... now this sassy little stinker.   She has grown and changed so much.  And every day I get more and more addicted to her.  She is a perfect part of our family, we wouldn't be the same without her.  We love her.  A lot.

Harper woke up to birthday loves from her sister.  I honestly think she grew oodles the night before.  I couldn't believe how big she seemed when I got her out of her bed on her birthday.

The first order of business was getting to open and play with some presents.  Sawyer was just as excited as Harper was.

The morning excitement wore Harps out, and within an hour of waking up she was already ready for a nap.

Harper had a pile of presents waiting for her on the kitchen table.  Somehow she (we) were able to wait for Marc to get home from work before opening the gifts.

We went outside to take a few pictures to mark her big day.  

I love that Sawyer and Harper took a picture together on Sawyer's "phone".  I have created picture taking monsters.  Sawyer loves picture taking as much as I do.

We made a quick trip to Target.  Big two year olds don't ride in the cart and they browse the makeup aisle.

After we got home I had canvases for the girls to paint.  Sawyer has a framed canvas that she painted in her bedroom  and I want Harps to be able to have the same thing.  I decided that two year old birthdays are a good day to make special artwork to frame.  

I love how Harps' masterpiece turned out.

Painting led to bath time. 

After Marc got home from work we headed outside to see what else the birthday fairy brought.  Of course the birthday fairy wrapped up the plasma car box not thinking that the plasma car would have to be put together.   Marc came to the rescue and put Harper's special presents together for her.  Harper patiently rode her bike while she waited for her hot pink plasma car.

The plasma car has been a hit.  Probably Harper's favorite thing to do outside.  I love it when gifts are a success!!

After we played outside we went back inside for dinner.  While I was cooking Harper couldn't help but sneak a taste of one of her birthday cupcakes.

I still cannot believe that my baby girl is two.  It makes me both happy and sad.  It has gone fast but it has been full of so many great memories and cherished moments. 

We love our Harper Ray to the moon and back.  We thank our lucky stars everyday that she is ours.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sea World

For Harper's 2nd birthday we decided to skip having a party and head to Sea World instead.  We invited one of Harper's besties and headed down to San Diego.  Sea World was way more fun than we had expected.  The last time we were at Sea World Sawyer was like  a year old and totally didn't get what was going on.  The girls were excited to see the animals and we even ventured into the little area with rides (I didn't even know that was there!)  It was a great day and it was a perfect way to lead into Harper's birthday.  Doing stuff with the Waggoners is always fun too, I am glad that they could join us :)

The dolphins were popular.

We fed the sea lions even though they were a little aggressive (and loud!) and there was a scary bird flying around that was freaking me out.  The girls thought it was fun.

The dolphin show was good and there was a "princess" that the girls thought was pretty cool.

Can you find my people in the crowd?

I heart Shamu.

Petting the turtle was fun.  

We watched a pet/dog show.  It was towards the end of the day and the kids were getting a little anxious and Harper decided to knot up Sawyer's hair.

I think Harper had a pretty great day.  We all did.

Could these three look any more grubby?  Still cute though.

Driving home the car was quiet.  Both kids fell sound asleep.

We were all tired that evening but Marc got to stay up late and put together Harper's new toy kitchen for her birthday from her grandparents.  Lucky guy :)  It was worth it.  The kitchen was a hit!  (and he is a good dad)

Beach Clubbin'

The RSM Beach Club is one of our favorite summer time hangouts - not only is it a kid perfect place, but we get to go there with some of our favorite people. Stopping to get an Icee on the way home is pretty fun too.  I love summer.

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