Wednesday, June 20, 2012

4 Years + 1 Day Ago

4 years + 1 day ago it was the first day of summer and just 4 days before our first born was about to make her early entrance into the world.  I remember we spent our afternoon down by the pool at our apartment complex and I suddenly started to panic thinking that we were not going to get the chance to take "bump" pictures and I was trying really hard to do my best to document my entire pregnancy.  I was overly hormonal when I was pregnant with Sawyer (I remember that so vividly...way more hormonal than I have been with her subsequent pregnancies...I was a mess).  I remember Marc was being nonchalant about our "photo shoot" and I started to cry.  I cried a lot.  Marc gave into my tears and we headed down to Strands Beach with our little point and shoot and a tripod and snapped away.  It ended up being a perfect sunset and these are some of my favorite photos ever that mark a significant chapter in our life.  I remember after each shot we both kept running back to the camera to see what the photo looked like - we were so proud of ourselves and the pictures that we took.

I am still proud of these photos.

I am proud of our little family and grateful that we are getting a 3rd chance at this whole pregnancy/parenting thing.  

I can't believe our first baby love is going to be FOUR - she is growing up so fast.  Sawyer slept in our bed with us last night, and I secretly loved it.  She really doesn't sleep with us very often anymore and I know that her nights in our bed are numbered, so I try to enjoy sleeping on the edge of my bed with her kicky feet smacking me in the back all night.  

The same weekend that we took these pictures I burned a cd with "Sawyer's Songs" on it which I have been listening to on repeat lately whenever I borrow Marc's car...and I usually end up crying (the happy, sentimental kind of tears).  (I am starting to think that I cry a lot)

This one suits Marc & Sawyer perfectly (and probably a lot of dads, but I like to think it is just for two of my favorite people and not for everyone else)...

Since the day they got married
He'd been praying for a little baby boy
Someone he could take fishing
Throw the football, be his pride and joy
He could already see him holding that trophy
Taking his team to state
But when the nurse came in with a little pink blanket
All those big dreams changed

And now, he's wrapped around her finger
She's the center of his whole world
And his heart belongs to that sweet, little, beautiful, wonderful, perfect
All American girl

- Carrie Underwood

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