Monday, June 18, 2012

April's End

We are too busy and do too many fun things that it is hard to keep up with all of the blogging.  Since it bothers me that I have started to go out of order with my pictures I decided to go back and post the pictures and the stories that have not yet been posted.  

I may have skipped posting about the end of April because it hasn't been the highlight of our year.  Grandma & Grandpa came to visit which was fun, but both girls were sick with a stomach bug and it made for a very long week and a very tired mommy.  The girls had moments where they seemed healthy, and then the would surprise us with some more was no bueno.  I was worn out and I am pretty sure I shed a tear or two.

Sawyer and Harper hanging out with Grandma when we thought were on the mend...Harper surprised us later that night by  vomiting all over Marc's lap while they were watching television. 

There was a night when Marc was at work late so me and the girls entertained ourselves with the self-timer...

And there was a day we had fun playing with those little capsules that turn into sponges (although Harper didn't like the texture of the sponges)...

And there was also a day that I crunched my side view mirror when coming out of our garage and cost myself $600+ to get it fixed (don't worry, I used packaging tape to hold it together before we got it repaired).  

Glad things have picked up in May & June, April was a little rough ;)

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