Wednesday, June 20, 2012

More from Mother's Day "Weekend"

So my whole family came out for Mother's Day weekend (remember our trip to the desert?) but my mom actually flew out a little before and stayed a little after.  In my opinion mother's should always live close to their children (this is in no way an intentional guilt-trip, just sayin') but we will take whatever we can get.  We love having my mom here and wish she got to come visit even more. 

Tutu stayed at our house a couple nights and spent a couple nights at my sisters.  Since Toots takes over Sawyer's room, she comes into our room with us.  

My mom babysat my girls and cousin Mazie one day so that I could go and get some repair work done on my car.  Apparently Sawyer went in for an aggressive hug and knocked Mazie over.  Mazie bumped her head and got a big old goose egg - Sawyer was feeling bad about it so she held the ice on Mazie's forehead for her.

I got some alone time with the yogurt-faced lover while my mom was at my sister's house and Sawyer was at school.  

We had a miscommunication with my sister and she forgot to leave Mazie's car seat for us when she headed to work.  Mazie borrowed Sawyer's car seat and Sawyer rode like a big kid from her preschool to our house (which was only a couple of blocks).  Not going to lie, I felt tremendously guilty that my kid wasn't in a proper seat, but fortunately we didn't have to go very far and Sawyer felt really cool (and big).

The day we were short a car seat got a little long.  Luckily I live in a pretty cool neighborhood and the neighborhood had "hired" goats to eat the brush on our hills.  The goats were a street away from my house so we took the girls for a wagon ride to see the animals.

Mazie didn't want to take the helmet off, we tried to coax her into it.

For not being much of an animal lover, Harper sure loved the goats!!

When we got back to the house Sawyer played with a couple of her favorite neighborhood kids and then we lined the girls up for some races.  These pictures are cracking me stumpy do their legs look in these long skirts?  I love these little people.

We told Harper to put her arm around Mazie...she couldn't get it figured out.

Harper loves tackling her favorite people with hugs, so when Tutu sat down on the ground Harper couldn't get enough lovin'.

I wonder where Harper's other shoe went?

Shorty love.

And maybe not my most glamorous photo, but I am definitely in my happy place.

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