Monday, June 18, 2012

O.C Zoo Day and a Friday Evening at Home

We started May off much better than April ended.  Everyone was healthy and happy and that in itself makes all of the difference in the world.

We meant to go to the Santa Ana Zoo but I had a brain fart and we ended up at the O.C Zoo.  The zoo was perfect for the kids, small enough to go through in about an hour, and the kids got to run around.  Well honestly, the zoo is kind of ghetto but it was a fun afternoon with some of our fave friends.

We got to the zoo a little early so we played at the little park for awhile.  

Little girls are so cute together...they almost always immediately hold hands.  Maybe boys do that too?  I have no idea.  I am doubting it though.

The kids liked seeing the animals as long as they were caged in. We went into the petting zoo part and my kids were freaking out. Both girls clung to my legs and Harper yelled "I scared! I scared!".  Not animal lovers these two, but that is ok. 

We spent the rest of that afternoon at home and waited for Daddy to get home.  It was a really good day.

Sawyer was upset Harper didn't want to give her a hug...

I love this little stinker.

Sawyer finally got what she wanted and she was in heaven.  One thing is for sure, these two love each other.

Marc gave me that stuffed dog when we were in high school - I think it is so cute that Harper is so fond of it.  She sleeps with it every night now.

This little fashionista loves picking out her own clothes.  Some outfits are great, some outfits are not so much.  You can judge for yourself on this one...

Marc has this ginromous wood skateboard that hurts like a mother if it rolls down the driveway and bumps you in the ankles, but the kids love going for rides on it (although my nervous genes that I got from my mom kick in sometimes and it makes me worried that someone is going to get hurt).

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