Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sometime in the First Week of May

The problem with getting behind on your blog posts is it is surprising how quickly you can forget the stories behind the pictures.  I can usually remember a lot, but somehow my mind is coming up blank with some of these photographs...all I know is that they all happened in the beginning of May and for whatever reason, I took it upon myself to capture them on camera :)

This one is self explanatory.  Swam with the cousin...enjoyed ice cream treats after.


Harper is our climber girl...she is always climbing up on things...she is my preparation for having a boy...I hear they are more adventurous like that.

She makes this face all of the time.  It is my favorite.

One day I had to the leave the grocery store after Sawyer & Harper got in a massive fight over those stinking little carts (my face was burning and I was sweating...a mortifying moment as a mother).  Sawyer only gets to use the little carts now when she goes with me by herself - the cart, for whatever reason, always makes her feel really rad.  And I love it.

One day at school the kids caught and brought home rollie pollie bugs.  Surprisingly, my child likes bugs, I wouldn't have guessed that.

Me and my snuggles always take pictures together...she usually asks if we can take a picture with my phone.  I never deny her, I love having pictures with my kiddies.

This little beauty looks so pretty when she wakes up from naps with her cheeks all flushed.  I could nibble her right up.

When our car wash guy comes to the house he takes the car seats out to do an extra good seat cleaning (Arturo rocks).  The girls got to ride in the back seat from the street into the driveway and Harper thought that was the best. thing. ever.  I would do just about anything for those smiles.

That same day we took a wagon ride and ate Fun Dip in the front yard.  I must have been feeling extra nice or something.

At some point I made the girls homemade pina coladas using coconut milk and maple syrup.  I forget exactly but Harper loved it, Sawyer, not so much.

And lastly, sometime during that first week of May Kelsey and I took the girls to Dairy Queen and then headed down to Strands for a quick beach trip.  Did you know that we are both having baby boys within a few weeks of each other?  How perfect is that?!

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