Monday, June 18, 2012

Talega Pool with Dad

Everything in life is more fun when Dad is home.  I don't know what it is, but days feel more complete when he is with us.  We just really really like him.

We started our Saturday morning off right.  Apparently we don't feed our children so they have to feed themselves.  I found Harps with a container of yogurt.  The poor girl was eating with a fork, I at least hooked her up with a spoon and let her continue on with her dairy feast.  I swear I try to feed them like normal humans, but they never want to eat at meal time, it is so awesome.

After we got our swimsuits on Sawyer serenaded us with one of her songs before we headed for the pool.  Apparently both of our girls looked like homeless people on this particular day...I can't imagine I actually let Sawyer go out of the house wearing that lovely ensemble, but I truly cannot remember (I really hope I made her change first).

Like fat people we picked up El Pollo Loco and took it with us to eat.  I remember this not being such a good idea because they kept wanting to take their food into the pool with them, which is obviously a no-no.

This particular pool adventure was during the time when Harper was still scared of the pool after her wipeout in the ocean so she missed out on most of the fun and hung out on the sidelines.

Even though she wasn't game for swimming, she was still all about safety first and tried to put on a life vest by herself. 

While Marc and Sawyer splashed around Harper decided to play it safe over in the splash pad area.  It was short lived and Harps had to go back over to the pool to see what the others were doing.

Loves for Dad were a must.

And then the kids were tuckered out and it was time to head home.

I love these days with our little family.  Being a parent to little people keeps you so extremely busy and wears you out to no end, but the thought of my kids being grown and gone makes me cry...and I am still far from that stage (and if your kids are old please don't remind me of how fast it all goes by...I don't need to be reminded, thank you very much :))

And I am sorry, but I cannot help but laugh when our little pole dancer swings around the railing that goes into the pool...we (I) think it is so funny.

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