Monday, June 18, 2012

We Got Crabs | Oceanside Harbor

Nothing says summer more than boats, sunsets, and seafood.  To get our summer rolling we got a little bit of all of that when we headed down to Oceanside Harbor for dinner with some of our best friends.  Marc was skeptical and didn't really feel like heading down there, but it ended up being a super fun evening with a bunch of happy kids (happy kids is key to making all events enjoyable)and lots of laughs.  Marc, in true Marc fashion, ordered some crazy cajun spiced boiled crab that they warned him was super spicy but he went for it anyways and he was sweating like a mongoose (do mongooses sweat? honestly I don't even know what a mongoose looks like) and his face was neon red and his mouth was on fire - why did I not get a picture of that?! It was hilarious (he claims it still tasted me it looked like torture).  I live for funny memories like that.  

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