Saturday, July 7, 2012

Celebrating Our Guy | Father's Day Weekend

Father's Day Weekend snuck up on me a bit this year.  I thought about it before we went on vacation but kept thinking I had time once we got back into town to get my plans into place, including gifts for the dads/grandpas and cards.  I totally dropped the ball and I am still feeling lame about it since that is so not like me.  This mom of 2 and pregnant thing is doing a number on my brain, but I won't make excuses.  I promise I will make it up to you guys next year ;)  

Sawyer did make her dad a sweet card at school that was for Father's Day and I did order a Blurb book with our Insta pictures from Hawaii.  So I guess we didn't totally suck it up.

The weekend was a great change of pace after the somewhat grumpy week I had.  I had a couple of photo sessions that were really fun and I got in some great family time...I am for family time all the time...nothing is better than when we are all together.

On Saturday I had photo shoots but the fam came with me to one of them and played at the park while I had a shoot down on the beach.  Before we left the house the girls worked on their poses...they both definitely have some skill, and I can't get over Sawyer's little copy cat Harper.

I guess Harper was getting tired?

On Sunday we crashed Grandma and Grandpa's house and used their pool & spa.  They weren't home but they were nice enough to let us go hang out at their house.  We played in the spa, Sawyer the brave even went in the cold pool (it hadn't been all. Actually, I think I went in too?  I can't remember now).  Marc and the girls picked apples from the apple tree (the only apples my kids will ever eat) and we just had fun spending some time together.

Cheetoh lover!

After the pool we headed home to BBQ.  We had yummy steak and corn cakes with goat cheese and Sawyer and I attempted making orange sorbet.  The sorbet didn't set up in time so we actually didn't get to eat it until the next day, but the food was really good and it was a perfect evening at home.  

Have I mentioned that Sawyer has turned into our own personal photog?

Before bed we made s'mores and watched a movie. 

We love our guy, and only devoting one special day to him just doesn't even seem like enough.  I like to think we celebrate him always, but I will let him be the judge of that.

We love you Marc!

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