Monday, July 9, 2012

An Early Birthday Celebration

Grandma and Grandpa came to town for a week and it was a really fun visit.  We made a trip to the Aquarium of the Pacific, Grandma took the girls out for ice cream, we did a little swimming, we played at the park, went to the movies and saw The Brave, enjoyed some shave ice, and had a little early birthday celebration for Sawyer - with cake and all.  It was a good time and it was especially fun to see the girls so happy, they were loving it.  The day we celebrated Sawyer's birthday was an extra good day - you could tell she was really feeling special...just the way she should feel.  Lucky kids, lucky us.

The morning of Grandma & Grandpa's arrival was pretty lazy.  We did some Bachelorette watching, some dressing up, the girls did a little cleaning (their choice) and we just spent time being us.

The girls had been to the Aquarium Pacific but I never got to go.  We decided to make the trip up to Long Beach and it was well worth it - I think everyone had a really great day.

Sawyer started the morning picking flowers (Grandma, those were supposed to be for you but they never made it into your hands) before we headed out.

There was this little kids play area at the aquarium and the girls were excited to part take in the madness.  We warned the kids that they would get wet if they played on the little pretend tug boat.  They didn't believe us.

Moms are always right. Right?  Luckily Harper is a trooper and got over it quickly (so happy Sawyer wasn't the one that got soaked...she would have complained the rest of the afternoon).

The only thing I didn't like about the aquarium were all of the freakin' pigeons.  We tried to sit down and have a snack and I was feeling so tense the whole time because 1) I didn't want a pigeon to poop on my head 2) Don't birds carry disease? 3) My kids kept trying to feed the dang birds 4) Even if my kids didn't feed the birds they would swarm us anyways.

One day Grandma was nice enough to come over and watch the girls so that I could go to my dreaded glucose appointment (I passed!).  Afterwards we drove all over Orange County and had fun doing so. We tried out Bruxie in RSM (it was good, I didn't think it was that fantastic though and I am not sure why people rave about it so much), drove back and visited one of our favorite parks in SJC and then cruised out to Mission Viejo for a little snow cone.  Marc hates when I "waste gas" driving all over the place like that - I say it was all well worth it.  It was a fun day!

Even with the grandparents being here we still have some down time at home.  There is always time for some iTouch gaming and some "hotel" playing.  

There may have even been a little bit of Sawyer sneaking into our bed at night.

The best day of the whole visit was the day where Daddy & Grandpa got to join in on the fun.  Sawyer was thrilled we were going to be celebrating her, and her happiness got me way deep down inside - I just love her so so much!

Although the day was in anticipation of Sawyer's 4th birthday, Harper felt the good vibes too.  Once a poser, always a poser, and I couldn't be more obsessed.

The grandparents got Sawyer some balloons and it definitely scored them some brownie points (not like they needed any).

Sawyer and Harper got to get a special ice cream treat with Grandma and then we went and saw The Brave (this was a big deal, we rarely go see movies)  and spent a short amount of time in the pool (just enough time for my hair to get messed up and mascara smeared under my eyes).

Come evening it was finally time for dinner, birthday cake, and presents.  Sawyer is such a lucky kid.  

I love that we have happy kids.  What else can you ask for?

Sawyer picked out her own special cake.  She was pretty proud of it.

Grandpa told Sawyer she needed to cover her eyes to make a wish before blowing out her candles.  I wonder what she wished for...

Since she was turning 4, and 4 is pretty big, we let Sawyer cut her own cake...

And she smashed her own cake...

And ate her own cake...

Another picture thanks to Sawyer...

After the mini-party was over we took it to the court.  Who knew our kids were such ballers?  Sawyer can actually make baskets - Daddy was proud.

Thanks Grandma & Grandpa for a perfect week - we loved every minute of it.

Marc and I are always telling the girls how lucky they are to have two sets of grandparents that love them and spoil them - they scored big time.

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