Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Little Stinker

I don't really know what to say, Harper has been a stinker lately.  She is so sweet and funny and cute and sensitive, but she can drive me a little crazy. Adjusting to her new "bedtime routine" (by bedtime routine I mean her getting out of her crib 10 times, pretending she is asleep and as soon as we leave the room she creeps out of her bed and heads to the toy cabinet) has been well, just that, an adjustment.  And if you ask me, parenting adjustments aren't always the most fun.  It seems like whenever you start having it "easy" and feel like you really have the hang of things, one of your kids throws you for a loop.  I think Harper sneaking into the toy cabinet is pretty funny, but I am tired, and I am pregnant, and I am starting to find it a little less than amusing.  We declared that Harper is Marc Part II.  So ctinkin' cute, so lovable, but when they get bored this mischievous side comes to fruition, and that my friends, can be a little scary.  I finally caved and ordered a "monkey lock" for Harper's bedroom door.  I feel a little evil locking my kid in their room, but the thought of a two year old wandering our house while we sleep is a little freaky.  Right?  The kid has us wrapped around her little finger - it is so hard to get mad at her.

The other morning I got up early to do some work.  Around 7:00 I heard some noise upstairs and assumed it was Sawyer getting up but no one ever came downstairs.  Around 7:25 I was headed up the stairs when I realized that Harper was up and all the noise and banging around was Harper rifling through the cabinet stuffing a little purse full of treasures and loot.  I watched for several minutes (and giggling) before she even realized I was behind her.

I will love this girl for forever and ever, but oh man, I wasn't ready for this change.  Heaven help me.

I hope Decker stays in his crib until he is 4.  
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