Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Officially Four.

Sawyer's birthday felt somewhat like a marathon this year - the celebration seemed to go on forever.  We love this little girl, and every minute was worth it.  

Marc and I decided to let Sawyer open her birthday presents on the morning of her birthday even though he would not be home.  We have the birthday fairy at our house, and she usually does her drop offs while you are sleeping at night.

After breakfast and presents we got cleaned up and went to go meet Sawyer's friend Ellie for an impromptu party day - we had a treat at Yogurtland and then spent the afternoon at Jump 'n' Jammin.  It was a really fun afternoon!

When Marc got home from work he took Sawyer to pick something out at Target with her birthday money.  She was so stoked to get so go spend her own "cash".  While they were away the birthday fairy came with one last surprise for Sawyer...her pink guitar and a "real" microphone.  

Sawyer needs to grow into her guitar a little bit, but there is no doubt that she loves it.  We are constantly being blessed with her performances and "concerts".  

Love this girl so so much.  My world is better because she is in it.

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