Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sawyer's 4 Year Check-Up

Yesterday Sawyer had her 4 year old well check-up.  For some reason the girl gets kind of excited when it is her turn for the doctor, I don't get it, but I am ok with it.  The appointment was at 8:30 but waking up and getting ready in time wasn't a problem because both girls were up at 6:00.  6:00...two days in a row of that early bird business.  I hope they go back to sleeping normal again.

The elevator at the doctor's office is always very exciting.  

Sawyer did so great at her appointment.  She had to do the eye chart (she did pretty well, she struggled with some of the smaller images but the doc said it wasn't a concern and it was typical for a 4 year old...they get nervous, distracted, etc.  we will re-check at her 5 year appt.).  I was so proud when Sawyer answered all of the doc's questions well - she was so articulate.  When she was asked if she knew how to spell her name she said "Yes. W-Y-E-R"  Sh may have forgetting the "s" and the "a" but I was still proud.  She told her doctor that she prefers the pool over the beach (who knew?) and that she doesn't like broccoli but she likes carrots.  

Sawyer had to get 3 shots.  She was a trooper when the nurse was stabbing her with needles but as soon as the nurse left and closed the door Sawyer started to cry.  My poor baby :(  She is a brave one though.

The rest of the afternoon Sawyer was pretty tired and out of it. I am not sure if it was the shots or the fact that she woke up so early but she spent the day wanting to cuddle on the couch.  She sat and watched 2 and a half movies before getting up from her snuggly spot.  I wasn't complaining, I was loving the extra loves from my little girl.

And since we have a monkey see, monkey do situation over here, Harper wanted in on the snuggle action too.

Sawyer is my favorite four year old, I love that she is ours.

Sawyer has had a growth spurt recently and it is pretty apparent when she is with her friends - she always looks so tall.

42.25 inches - 92th %
37 pounds - 70th %

The doctor did the heigh prediction with Sawyer and took into account mine and Marc's height - the chart & doc said Sawyer will probably be somewhere in the 5'6" - 5'10" range  but trending towards the taller side at 5' 8".  Weird to think my kid could be two - four inches taller than me.

After Marc got home from work my awesomest friend Kelsey came over to play with the girls so that Marc and I could escape for a little bit.  Marc had a work dinner/party thing to go to, and I was just looking for a night out with my husband.

Sawyer gave her Dad a love before we left...

And the bump got dressed to come out with Marc and I.  I can't believe that the bump still has more growing to do! (I think I am almost 28 weeks...I am starting to lose track).

And then me and this guy escaped.

The sky was amazing.  I wasn't in a spot to get a great photo, but it was glorious.

And lately Sawyer has been interested in learning to write her name.  She is really good at tracing it, but writing it on her own is going to take some practice.

Although one night with Kelsey and look how much better Sawyer is already writing it!  (Sawyer's is on the bottom)

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