Friday, July 6, 2012

Sawyer's Last Week of School

Sawyer had a really good school year and enjoyed learning and being around the other kids.  Next year she will be attending a different school and I hope she likes it just as much.  The last week of school was bitter sweet (for me).  I was excited for summer but a little apprehensive too - I enjoyed being on somewhat of a schedule and knowing that Sawyer had school to attend a couple of days a week.  Now that school is out and we are schedule-less, I am thinking summer is pretty awesome and I love our slow moving mornings.

One of Sawyer's final art projects was making a horse out of her traced foot.  Sawyer named her horse "Comet", no surprising since  whenever she gets to name something she either names it "Comet", "Donkey", "Dono" or her made up "Cunny Cunny Cata" (believe me, we have no clue where that one came from).

Comparing Sawyer's picture from her first day of school and her last day of school is crazy - I cannot believe how much she has grown.  

Harps would usually wait in the car when I picked Sawyer up from school, but decided she wanted to go inside with me on Sawyer's last day.

Sawyer was in a class with all boys.  I think she handled it pretty well (and yes, I was the only mom without a real camera on the last day of not like me).

When we got home the kids started off their summer by playing under a parachute.  Makes perfect sense.

Now that school is over Sawyer is like any kid that likes sleeping in...and sleeping in her parent's bed.  

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