Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sawyer's Paint Party

For Sawyer's 4th birthday we weren't planning on having a party. We thought we were having family coming into town so we just decided to celebrate with her grandparents and cousins and have that be that.  After the plans with family didn't work out Sawyer was pretty bummed and was extra sad when I told her I wasn't having a party for her with friends.  After I saw her sad face and a few little tears we decided to throw something together for the birthday girl.  I usually plan parties way in advance but this year we threw together a birthday party in a couple of weeks and it was definitely a last minute success.  Sawyer came up with the guest list and I utilized my Amazon Prime membership to get paint and party supplies quickly to our house.  We decided to serve Board & Brew, have the kids decorate canvases, decorate cupcakes, and play with bubbles.  It was perfect.  Sawyer was SO happy and it made Marc and I happy to see our little one feel so special.  

Sawyer requested that we have balloons at her party.  What started off as 8 balloons quickly became 3. One popped in the car on the way home and then Marc accidentally let some go when he was trying to get them ready to be tired onto the mailbox.  Lucky for us Sawyer was so distracted by everything else she didn't really care.

Um, I think I asked Sawyer to "show" me how old she was in like 5,000 pictures during her birthday week.

We mostly just used things we already had for decorations and I picked up a few random things here and there at Target.  I thought it turned out really cute.

While Harper napped we had a little front porch photo sesh with our big (almost) four year old.  I love love the ones with Marc & Sawyer.

She was so obviously happy - the best thing to see EVER as a parent.  

Sawyer was excited when Harper woke up...time to get the party started!

We had plenty of paint and aprons for the party guests.  Sawyer made sure everything was in order...she told me she didn't want the kids to be "disappointed".  I love her.

Water color paints were the party favor - I figured every kid can use a set of paints.

Once everything was set up we were ready for guests to arrive.

Mazie was the first kid to show up.

Before long all of Sawyer's little friends were here and they were painting away.

Some kids hadn't really painted before and they decided to give the paint a little taste test (thank goodness for non-toxic paints).

I think (I hope) all of the kids had a good time.

Sawyer was so excited to have her friends watch her open her presents.  Watching people open presents (or watching me open presents) is usually my least favorite part about parties (it makes me feel funny for some reason), but Sawyer didn't get my genetics and she thinks it is the coolest.  Present opening was sort of chaotic...Sawyer was running the show.

After cupcake decorating it was time to sing happy birthday and Sawyer got to blow out her candle.  One of my fave pics of the day...

It was a fast paced, fun party and I was tired (in a good way) by the end.  It was so worth it though, I am glad Sawyer was adamant about having a celebration for her with her little peeps.

We said goodbye to friends and Sawyer wanted to let her balloons go up into the sky.

It was a perfect day for a perfect girl.

After everyone left and we got the house cleaned up Sawyer had to try on her new "Taylor Swift" outfit from cousin Mazie.  Sawyer put on her costume and looked in the mirror and said "Mom, I just feel really beautiful and pretty" - and that made this mama smile.

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