Thursday, September 20, 2012

Evolution of a Bump

This pregnancy has gone fast.  The third trimester came so quickly, I am pretty sure the first two trimesters were just my imagination.  I have had more aches and pains this pregnancy and I have complained more than I remember complaining in the past (lets be honest, being "fat" in the middle of summer and waddling around after two little kids in your swimsuit is not that fantastic) but in general, it has been really good.  It has been a really happy time for us, and sharing the excitement of having a baby with not just my husband, but with our daughters too, has made this time extra special.  I haven't been particularly emotional or hormonal, and when I have been ultra sensitive it has been channeled into positive feelings.  I am starting to feel ginormous and almost silly, but now that I am so close to the end, I know I can hang in there a few more weeks.  I am anxious to have a baby in my arms and my body back to normal, but I am also trying to really enjoy these last "girl" days I have with Sawyer and Harper and really just focus on being with them because soon we will have the distraction of the newborn and I don't want them to feel like they are being pushed to the side, although they constantly talk about baby Decker and I know that they will make some of the cutest big sisters around.  We are so stinkin' lucky. And happy.  And grateful.  And is all of this really real?    

Here is the evolution of a bump.  

The bump took forever to show up, and I remember finally feeling pregnant when I looked like this...can you even call that a bump?

35 weeks...

36 weeks....

And appparently I have enjoyed my stripes lately.  

And you can tell Sawyer's mom is pregnant, because when she picks out her own clothes, she is always sure to accessorize with a skinny belt ;)  Love her!

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