Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Dimicks are Disney Dreamin'

Every year during the first week of August we get together with all of Marc's family for a family reunion and to remember his sister Heidi.  It is always fun getting to see everyone, and it is great that our kids get this chance to really play and bond with their cousins.

This year we were spoiled and we spent our family reunion on the Disney Dream cruise ship and we set sail out of Florida and headed to the Bahamas.  After our 5 night cruise we stayed in Florida for a few days to experience all that Disney has to offer by visiting The Animal Kingdom, Epcot, and Disney's Hollywood Studios.

The cruise was super fun. The kids had the best time I cannot complain about anything.  The ship was really clean, our room was super nice, the food was pretty good, and we were in great company.  Visiting the Disney parks was fun too, but it was a little rough being SO pregnant and the weather being SO humid and walking around so much.  I survived though and all in all, the trip made for some super wonderful memories and I am grateful we had this opportunity.

The only HUGE bummer about this vacation was that Day 1 on the ship, Harper decided to toss her beloved stuffed bunny Charlotte overboard during the emergency drill.  I was devastated.  I have NO idea what inspired her to toss the bunny...but after it went over the rail and hit the water she asked me to go get it for her.  I was obviously unable to retrieve the bunny so we bought her a stuffed Daisy Duck to be the replacement during the vacation...she quickly took to Daisy and Charlotte is history.  The funny thing is, I still feel a tear when I think about Charlotte, I feel like so much of Harper's babyhood was tied up into that little pink critter.  

Our girls have done a lot of traveling in their day, and they actually seem to really like being on airplanes.  They do well in flight and Harper almost always falls asleep.  Getting through the airport tends to be the toughest part, as we saw when coming home from Florida and our flight was delayed and Harper had a massive melt down in the middle of the airport...fun times :)

Chapped she didn't get her hair braided like the other girls did.

Unlimited soft serve ice cream.  Who can complain about that?

The girls loved the sleeping situation on the boat.  Harper had a "big girl" bed, she was so proud.

Great view for breakfast :)

We beat everyone to the beach by getting up early.  It was totally worth it to have the water to ourselves.

Pirate Night.

Our only picture of the whole crew...and Minnie.

The kids got pretty wild our last night on the ship...

Sawyer getting down with her bad self.

Sweaty mess at Epcot.

Sawyer was so proud of this fan/squirt bottle.  And we were all so happy when it rained and gave us a little break from the heat! 

Dumbo is Harper's favorite ride.

At night the kids were SO tired they were OUT.  I even gave Harper a bath one night and she pretty much slept through the entire thing.

Waiting for the fireworks.  We were at the park ALL day...open to close.  That was a first for our little family of 4.

The kids thought night swimming at the hotel was pretty rad.

Our flight was delayed after a very long day...this was the result...

As soon as we got on the plane to head home Harper passed out...she didn't even make it to take off.

Thanks Grandma & Grandpa for such a great trip - it is a trip we will never forget! 
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