Thursday, November 1, 2012

Our Tiny Dancer

Part of my motherhood dreams came true the day that Sawyer started taking dance classes.  However, the first day of class wasn't necessarily dreamy.  Being consumed with my pregnancy and foggy preggo brain I missed the memo that class was starting and that Sawyer needed ballet shoes, tap shoes, and proper dance attire.  Sawyer's class is at 9:30, so early that morning I dragged the kids to Target and got a leotard and some tights and figured she could get through the first day of class with her pink TOMS on.  I was so wrong.  Sawyer got to her class, realized she wasn't properly equipped and had a complete melt down that she didn't have her own tap shoes.  We left class (without even participating), spent $100 on leotards and shoes, and Sawyer was the happiest little dancer around.

I love this tiny dancer and it makes me so thrilled that she enjoys it so much.  Being this girl's mama is so much fun.

Another perk of dance?  Sawyer gets to dance with her best friend.

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