Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Paintings for Decker

As Decker's due date got closer and closer we all got more and more excited.  Decker felt like he was here before he ever even made his entrance into the world.  This pregnancy was so much fun for me because the girls got to share in the joy and the excitement with me, and I loved that.  A little less than a week before Decker decided to join us the girls made some paintings for him which we displayed proudly up on the fridge.  I love these girls so so much, and I so wish I could keep them little forever, I really do cherish being a is totally the best job.  My days at home with the kids are some of my most favorite days ever.

Naked painting is the only way to go...

Harper was so tidy when she was little, not sure how she became my wild messy one.

Harper loves cleaning up in the sink.  I wish I loved it as much as she does, but we always end up with water all over the place.

Speaking of water...I leave this girl without a diaper on for two minutes and she pees all over the floor...I caught her in action here.  

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