Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Before Decks

At the end of September my mom came to town in anticipation of Decker's arrival.  We expected he would come before his due date, but obviously, there is no guarantee.  My mom had a feeling he would come early so she booked a trip to California so that she could stay at our house and watch the girls while I was in the hospital.  She was here for several days before the contractions began and our lives were changed forever...changed for the better.  While she was here we got in some fun girl time before our most precious baby boy joined the world (I tear up just thinking about how happy I am that Decker is ours).

For me, the scariest part of having a baby is not having the baby, or delivery, but wondering who is going to be able to watch my other kids for me when I have to be in the hospital.  I truly hate being away from my children and it is so comforting for me when I know that they are in the care of our family. I will be eternally grateful that my mother was with me in the wee hours when my contractions started and she was here during those nights that I was away.  Sawyer and Harper thought it was so neat Tutu stayed with them at our house and I loved that I was able to enjoy my hospital stay with Decker without having to be worried about Sawyer & Harper.

We love you Toots!

And the evening before I had Decks.  Harper's last picture as the baby of our family.


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