Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Skipping Ahead to 2013

So I am going to need to go back and tackle the rest of 2012 (October, November and December...not sure how I got so behind...actually I do...three kids is a lot of work) but I am vowing to stay caught up with Dimick Family current events for 2013, and since we are already two weeks into the year, I figured I better start now.

2013 is off to an awesome start.  I think January is actually one of my favorite months of the year (aside from summer).  I love that it is a fresh start and there really aren't any expectations.  No big holidays and it is generally a really quiet time for our family.

We started the year off right - spending time with our Dimick side of the family and going to Disneyland on Day 1 of 2013.  It was a cold day at Disney but it was SO much fun running around and playing with all of the family and Sawyer and Harper could not have been happier than they were getting to hang out with all of their cousins.  Sawyer has some serious cousin pride (like she should) and she boasts about her cousins all of the time - I love how much that girl loves her family.

The end of 2012 was crazy busy for me and my little photography gig so I am really appreciating getting to spend time with my people on the weekends this month.  I mean, I am really really really enjoying it - I sort of forgot how awesome the weekends are!

The first Saturday of the year we ran (technically, walked) in the 2nd annual Run for Ruby.  We pushed the 3 kiddos in the strollers and had fun being around good friends and doing something for a great cause.

We have also enjoyed playing outside and going to the park as a family.  We took a day trip up to Los Angeles to visit the Griffith Observatory (we were first timers!) and to check out The Americana at Brand Street (a new shopping center).  We scored some yummy sushi at Rip Tide and let the kids go wile at Jumpin' Jammin' (it might be a dirty jungle gym but the girls loved it).

January also marks some giant milestones for our littles.  On January 12th Decker rolled from his front to his back for the first time ever, and on that very same day Harper's big girl bed arrived and she started sharing a room with Sawyer...on that same day Harper ALSO gave up her BINK.  Harper said she is a big girl now because she has a big girl bed and she said goodbye to the bink without thinking twice.  Amazing.

Time is flying by but I am glad I have so many of my favorite people by my side.  

This is just so them.

Germs shmerms...no wonder kids get sick.

Marc's great sunset shot at T-Street.

That face.  I love it.

Brushing and blowdrying their own hair.  When did they get so grown up?!

Getting so big hanging out in his Bumbo.

 My most favorite kids ever.  

It was an early (and cold) wakeup call for the Run for Ruby but it was more than well worth it.  I even nursed on the run...who does that?!

I will take a family photo whenever we have the opportunity.  I love being a family of 5.

Such cute friends!

Obsessed with these girls of ours.  

We don't get sick of our Taylor Swift wannabes.

Me and my boy hanging on a park bench.

I so love this chubby little man of mine.

Marc likes to work this guy out and have him practice his sitting up.  It is so funny because he almost always smiles as he falls down (he can sit surprisingly well though for his age).

We moved around the furniture in Sawyer's room to make way for Harper's bed.  The resulting excitement turned into a pillow fight.

Decks takes his afternoon nap in his bed instead of in his swing or in my arms (tear).  He is growing too fast.  Although, he still sleeps in our room in a bassinet, I am not quite ready to kick him out yet ;)

Hanging with the family at Pines Park...

When Sawyer is at school I get to hang out with these littles.  It is hard to believe that next school year Sawyer will be in kindergarten and Harper will be in preschool.  

I needed a mommy time-out so I had the girls go in their room for quiet time and I snuggled with this kiddo.  

Going through my phone tonight I found this shot taken by Sawyer.  It makes me kind of happy.

I started worrying that I wasn't having Decker do tummy time often enough.  So I plopped him on his belly and who knew?  The kid is a head-lifting champ.

He is growing fast but he is such a yummy squishy baby.

And he is happy! And looking so old here...

We might have an early teether...drooling and chewing on everything (well, mostly just his hands).

Doing his daily exercises with Dad.

Saturday morning Marc was outside working on some stuff and the girls were playing on their bikes.  Looks like they were having fun.  And Harper is going through a serious lipstick phase...

Well Marc was outside with the girls Decker decided to roll over for the first time.  I set my camera down for a second and he did  it right then and hasn't done it again.  Love him.

When Marc came inside Decker decided to show off how pro he is becoming at sitting up (the girls didn't sit up until they were 6 months old...this is craziness in my opinion).

We played at Jumpin' Jammin Saturday afternoon.  The kids had a blast and played until they were exhausted.

Harper's first night in her bed was a success.  The only part that was unsuccessful was her 5:45AM wake up call.  What?! Way too early in my book.

Harper thought she should wake Sawyer up at 5:45 too...so Marc saved the morning and let me sleep while he and the girls went and watched the sunrise and sipped on an "ice shake" from Starbucks (which is kind of ironic because it was near freezing outside).

We got dressed and piled into the car with no real plans.  Next thing we knew we were checking out the sites in LA.

Before long the weekend was over and we were back to our typical Monday routine...

Breakfast with my ladies...

Shopping with my crazies...


And snuggle time.

Life is good.  Tomorrow might not be so good though because I stayed up far too late sorting through family pictures :)

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