Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Welcome to the World, Decker Thomas Dimick

 September 27, 2012
at 8:23AM
Our World Changed Forever

7 lbs. 11oz.
20 inches of perfection.

Decker Thomas Dimick is the cutest boy I have ever seen.

It was love at first sight.  My bond with this little guy was undeniable from the beginning.  All the discomfort I felt while pregnant was completely and totally worth it, I know that I was not complete without him.  Decker was meant for our family, and we are so happy that he made it here safe and sound. 

The week before Decker was born I was extremely uncomfortable - I was almost feeling nauseous from all of the pain in my hips and lower back.  There were lots of tears and I felt totally disabled.  The night before I went into labor I was really tired and could not wait to crawl into bed.  On the morning of September 27, 2012 Marc went off to work like he normally does sometime in the 2s.  Around 3:00 I started emailing him saying that I was going to cancel my photo session for the day because I wasn't feeling well.  By 3:15 I suggested that Marc come home from work because I just felt "weird".  By 3:30 I was having serious contractions and I called the hospital.  It took Marc eternity to get home from Newport Beach where his office is - it seriously felt like the most painful forever ever.  Of course Marc had to stop for gas on his way home - I wanted to ring his neck...and my mom was freaking out that I was going to deliver the baby at home if I didn't hurry up and get to the was a pretty stressful morning to say the least.  Our drive to the hospital was miserable...the contractions and stress of making it in time to get an epidural (and to not have the baby in the car) was kind of freaking me out.  As soon as we got to to the hospital I was already dilated to a 5.  I got an epidural right away (thank gosh) and it was the most efficient epidural I have ever had, it was fabulous.  Around 8:10 it was game time, and a few pushes later I had a perfect baby boy in my arms.  It was the easiest delivery and Decker and I both recovered from the ordeal really fast. The doctor made the awkward comment that I should deliver babies in the movies because I made it look so easy - not exactly sure what that meant, but I like to think  it was because I was a star pusher :)
You guys, I am obsessed with this guy.  I never knew how much I needed him until I got him and now I couldn't live without him.  

I loved getting to introduce our newest little member to the family.

Decker scored the best big sisters - they just love on him and dote on him and think he is the greatest.  

I loved having my sister and some of my besties coming to the hospital to visit and to meet my little buddy too.

Having babies has made me a firm believer in Heaven.  Where else can these perfect little angels be from?!

My hospital stay with Decker was perfect, I loved every second of it.  I loved the quietness and having nothing to do but hold and spend time with my little bud.  The only problem is that having Decker has made me want to have more babies...there is nothing like having your child placed in your arms for the very first time.  The rush of unconditional love, amazement and happiness is so overwhelming and so powerful; I can't think of a better feeling in this life.  And the fact that I get to experience all of this with my best friend, favorite person, Marc,  makes it all just that much sweeter.

It was so wonderful getting to take this little man home with about a dream come true.

Decker came home to the cutest welcoming committee...

And this is where all of the fun begins :)

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