Tuesday, June 11, 2013


My babies are growing much too fast.  Although I am terribly sad to not have them as my tiny babies, I sincerely enjoy watching them learn and grow.  It really is bittersweet.  Sawyer is 1 day away from being a preschool graduate, Harper is potty-trained, taking swim lessons and incredibly excited to be "big" now, and Decker is on the brink of crawling.  I stare at Sawyer in amazement remembering her as a newborn so clearly. I remember falling asleep with her on my chest fearful that she would just disappear into the night if I didn't hold onto her at all times - she was just too good to be true.  She has really sprouted over the past year and I can only imagine how much growing she still has to do.  Harper as a newborn was pretty quiet and slept a lot and was happiest being tucked away and cozy and wasn't super into snuggling. It wasn't until she turned 2 that her little spark turned into fireworks and we really got to see how mighty such a little person can be.  Her facial expressions might just be some of the best ever and she has one of the biggest hearts - she is all about hugs, kisses, and loves.  My still "tiny" baby is already 8 months old and I can't figure out how my world even existed before he came along - he is my calm and he makes me ever so happy.  I feel drained at the end of every single day, but I feel full and complete as well.  I have moments where I feel like I am going to break, but when I go to bed at night I know I am truly living a dream.  I have a husband that I love tremendously and a house full of kids that call me "mom".  I am sad that moments are so fleeting but grateful that memories last a lifetime. This growing up stuff really is bittersweet.   

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