Sunday, September 15, 2013

First Soccer Game || Pool Plunge

Well, as it turns out the first week of school wasn't our only "firsts" for the month.  This weekend we also got to go to Sawyer's first soccer game of the season (Go Sea Turtles!) and both Harper and Sawyer jumped off the high dive/cliff/waterfall for the first time and loved it.  Harper did it over and over again and was seriously loving every second.

As much as I love witnessing all these firsts and experiencing all of these new things as a family, my heart is kind of aching inside too.  By kind of aching I mean I always have this dull feeling in my throat that if provoked could lead to a wail of a cry.  I blink my eyes more frequently to bat away any tears, my focus is slightly blurred because I am internally trying to process all of these new things and my heart feels a little heavy because my babies are growing up and I don't think I am quite ready for it.  I know, I know, I need to be thankful for these moments and enjoy them.  And I am enjoying them it just hurts how quickly it all goes by.  I am worn out and mentally tired and I can't really explain why.  Sawyer started sleeping with Mousie again after not sleeping with him for a year.  If I had to guess, I would say growing up is a little scary for her too.  

Tears aside, our first soccer Saturday was great! Sawyer was so excited to go to her game and she really liked the nifty hair scrunchies I made for the team (go me).  I loved having the five of us all together and at the soccer field - I miss my soccer playing days.  Sawyer was certainly not the most aggressive girl on the team (or on either team for that matter) but she had a smile on her face and was having a good time and I can't really ask for anything else.  She certainly has some room for improvement but in my biased opinion she was the cutest one out there on the field ;)

Do I even have to tell you how happy I am that Decker is in our arms this soccer season and not in my belly?!?! It was so hot last September and my big preggo body could barely handle the heat.  

Saturday afternoon we had a fun pool party to go to.  The girls were excited to go to a birthday party and Marc was actually really excited too since it was at an old friends' house where he has lots of childhood memories.  It was a really great time and Marc and I still cannot believe that our girls wanted to jump off the rock without us even suggesting it.  All I can say is, we are so grateful for all of those swim lessons we invested in...the results have provided us with lots of fun family weekends swimming and in the pool.

So so proud of these cute kiddos of ours.  They really are pretty cool.

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