Sunday, September 15, 2013

Harper's First "Real Real" Day of School

I think I was more nervous about dropping Harper off for her first real day of school than she was.  In fact, I know I was.  The girl did so great.  I walked her into her classroom and she sat down at a table with play dough and scissors to "cut" the dough with...that right there sealed the deal and Harper was in preschool heaven.  I felt a tinge of sadness as I walked out of the room leaving her behind.  By a "tinge" I mean I had to take deep breaths to keep from crying, but it worked, and my eyes were dry by the time I got to my car.  

On Thursdays Sawyer starts school later than Harper so I had some time with my big girl and my baby boy.  I think I kind of like getting different combos of kids this year with our school is fun and enjoyable seeing the different dynamics between our kids.  Sawyer helped me grocery shop and run to the bank before I took her to kindergarten.  She was truly a good helper and I actually laughed out loud when we got to the store and there was only one mini-cart....when Sawyer and Harper are both at the store with me and there is only ONE mini cart I brace myself for World War III.  They always intend to push it together and share but inevitable someone doesn't like the way that the other one is walking and they get all chapped until they find something else to be distracted by.

I had an hour to myself while both girls were at school and Decker napped.  I actually got some work done and picked up my house and it felt pretty stinkin' great.  I was anxious to get my girlies back home with me but I did allow myself to enjoy a little quiet time.

Ever since preschool I have noticed that Sawyer is always tired after school and maybe even a little on the grumpy side.  I assumed Harper would be the same way but apparently someone with as much energy as Harper doesn't get tired at school.  Harper had the hugest smile on her face ever when I picked her up and she talked a million words a minute.  She told me she gave her teacher a hug and a kiss and that they read a story IN a book (I thought it was funny that she felt she needed to clarify that) and it was about butterflies.  She ate all of her bananas (which she called was great when Marc was able to translate for me), grapes and water and she assured me she had lots of energy so she didn't need to eat lunch when she got home (it is a struggle to get her to eat her meals).   Harper told me she played with her friends and she thinks their names were either "Five or Six or Seven".  I also asked if she learned about any letters today and she said "Yes, the letter Five".  Good thing she is in school.  She said she had fun and she only cried when she was on the monkey bars and got stuck (she just learned how to go across them a couple of days ago).  She can't wait for her next school day and she keeps telling me "I big now.  I swim all by myself and I in school!".  She is getting big, and I am pretty obsessed with her.  

Sawyer had another good day at school but she told me that she "didn't get a chance" to eat her lunch because she had the same juice box (Capri Sun) as another girl and they spent all of their time blowing air into the juice box and then squeezing it out.  She said it was a good day but she looked wiped out when I picked her up and she wasn't very chatty.  Every day she has wanted to relax and lay down when she has gotten home, and today followed suit.

Decker is trying to adjust to the new schedule too.  He is doing pretty well although he occasionally falls asleep in the car now, which he hasn't really done in awhile.  We are all trying to navigate this new chapter of life.

Marc has been getting home at a decent hour lately (I love it, I hope I didn't just jinx myself) so we put soccer cleats on the girls and headed to Doheny to play some family soccer.  I am somewhat impressed by Sawyer's soccer skills.  Harper's aren't half bad either.  Decker spent his time trying to drink the girls' water bottles and eat and crumble an entire package of Graham Crackers.

After we got home from the park we ran over a giant tarantula when we were driving up our street (so odd to see it crossing the street, so gross too) and then we played outside for a bit.  Have I mentioned that Decker can go up stairs like a boss?  

One benefit of Sawyer being at school is that Harper gets some play dates on her own without her big sister.  She had so much fun playing with Hadley (and Decker loved seeing his bud Canaan) and she even got to hang out with Mazie and Aunt Bryt (and Grady Goo!) while I ran a quick errand with Decker.

This week has been dizzying and exhausting and a tad bit overwhelming but it has also been exciting and fun and an adventure.  

It is official, I really have a kid in elementary school.  And a kid in preschool.  Weird. Good thing I still have a baby at home because it helps to take the sting away...a little bit.

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